What does the yellow circle on Snapchat mean?

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What does the yellow circle on Snapchat mean? - An image of a smartphone running the Snapchat app

Snapchatters who open the app to find yellow circles adorning their friends' Bitmojis on the chat screen are left pondering one burning question: What does the yellow circle on Snapchat mean?

Snapchat's recent UI changes replaced the blue dot with a red dot to signify unread messages and introduced a green dot to indicate users' activity status. However, the feature that has sparked the most curiosity and speculation is the enigmatic yellow circle.

If you're among the curious bunch seeking answers, look no further. In this guide, we'll tell you what the yellow circle on Snapchat means.

What does the yellow circle on Snapchat mean?

The yellow circle or ring around a friend's Bitmoji on Snapchat means that they have uploaded a new Story. The yellow circle serves as a visual cue to check their Story and view the new content they've shared.

In the past, Snapchat used a blue ring to indicate new Stories. However, as part of their UI changes, they have now updated the colour to yellow, making it easier for users to spot and access new Stories from their friends.

It is common for apps to update their UI and appearance to keep the user experience fresh and engaging. For instance, earlier this year, TikTok changed its font style, and Snapchat made the switch from a blue dot to a red dot to indicate unread messages.

Why did Snapchat change from blue circles to yellow circles?

Snapchat had been using red and yellow dots, along with blue rings, as visual cues for different types of notifications - red for unread messages, yellow for new friend requests, and blue for unviewed Stories.

However, having three different colours on a single screen might have appeared visually cluttered and less cohesive from a UI perspective. To address this, Snapchat likely made the change from blue circles to yellow circles for unviewed Stories.

Yellow blends better with the existing red and yellow dots, creating a more harmonious and visually balanced user interface. Also, yellow is the iconic colour of Snapchat, representing its vibrant and energetic brand identity.


It wouldn't be surprising to see Snapchat replace the red dot with yellow ones, transitioning all visual indicators to yellow. This change could create a cleaner and more visually cohesive look, especially against the app's black or white background.

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