What Does the Fire Emoji in TikTok DMs Mean?

An image of the fire emoji in TikTok DMs

An image of the fire emoji in TikTok DMs

Recently, TikTok users have opened their DMs to find a fire emoji accompanied by a number next to it. This unexpected symbol has left many wondering about its significance. What does this fire emoji mean, and why does it appear in your TikTok DMs?

Well, it has something to do with the new Snapchat-like streaks feature TikTok has introduced. TikTok streaks aim to ensure users return to the platform every day by gamifying daily interactions.

In this guide, we’ll explain the meaning behind the TikTok fire emoji, how to unlock it, and how to maintain it. But, before that, you might want to know the meaning of the new TikTok slang term scrootnoo.

What Does the Fire Emoji in TikTok DMs Mean?

The fire emoji in your TikTok DMs with a person indicates an active streak between you and that particular user. This means you have been exchanging direct messages for three or more consecutive days.

The accompanying count shows the number of days the streak has been maintained. For example, if you see a 20 next to the fire emoji, it means you have been exchanging DMs for 20 consecutive days.

If either of you fails to send a message within 24 hours, the streak will end, and the fire emoji will disappear. To unlock the streak again, you will need to chat with them for three consecutive days, as mentioned earlier.

How to Keep the Fire Emoji

To maintain the fire emoji in your TikTok DMs, simply keep your streak alive. While there are no special rewards for maintaining your streak, it’s a fun way to stay engaged. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Daily messaging: Ensure you exchange direct messages with the other user every day. Any form of message and shared TikTok videos count towards maintaining the streak.
  • Track your streak: Pay attention to the count next to the fire emoji. This shows how many consecutive days you’ve maintained the streak.
  • Set reminders: If you’re serious about maintaining the streak, set daily reminders to message the person to avoid breaking the streak.

That covers everything about the fire emoji in TikTok DMs. We hope you found our guide informational. Before heading off, make sure you check out our other TikTok guides, including how to remove your TikTok profile picture.

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