TikTok emoji codes - How to unlock and use the secret emojis

TikTok emoji codes - How to unlock and use the secret emojis

TikTok emoji codes - How to unlock and use the secret emojis

If you are looking for the TikTok emoji codes, we have them right here.

There's something just so incredibly fun about browsing TikTok, sometimes one wishes to never leave and just endlessly auto scroll video to video until late at night. But, did you know you can make that experience even more interesting with secret emojis?

Basically, by knowing the correct shortcode you can add a bit of personalized flair to your posts. You can just pick one or two to use, or just go crazy and use them all! No limits to your creativity.

So, let's take a look at the TikTok emoji codes and how to use them.

TikTok emoji codes

There are 46 hidden emojis that you can use to your heart's content. And below you will find the TikTok emoji codes to invoke those emojis. Keep in mind that the "colon" isn't a part of the emoji code.

  • [smile]: A round, pink smiling face;
  • [happy]: A face with squinty eyes and an open mouth;
  • [angry]: A face with furrowed brow and crossed eyes;
  • [embarassed]: A face looking to the side with a single sweat bead;
  • [cry]: A sad face with tears streaming down;
  • [surprised]: A face with wide eyes and mouth agape;
  • [wronged]: Sad face looking to the side with a worried look;
  • [drool]: A pink face drooling;
  • [flushed]: A face with blushing cheeks;
  • [yummy]: A face giving thumbs up with tongue sticking out;
  • [shout]: An angry face with vampire's teeth;
  • [complacent]: A face with sunglasses looking proud;
  • [scream]: A blue face screaming scared;
  • [weep]: A face crying in sadness;
  • [speechless]: A face with a sweat drop on its face;
  • [funnyface]: A pink face winking and sticking out its tongue
  • [laughwithtears]: Classic emoji laughing with tears;
  • [wicked]: A devilish-looking face;
  • [facewithrollingeyes]: A face looking fed up;
  • [sulk]: A red face about to explode;
  • [thinking]: A face lost in thought;
  • [lovely]: A pink face giving a kiss;
  • [greedy]: A face with dollar signs instead of eyes;
  • [wow]: A white dumpling being surprised;
  • [blink]: A dumpling winking and giving a kiss;
  • [hehe]: A white dumpling laughing mischievously;
  • [slap]: A white dumpling with a red handprint on its face;
  • [tears]: A dumpling looking sad;
  • [joyful]: A white dumpling looking happy;
  • [stun]: A dumpling with big shocked eyes;
  • [cute]: A dumpling looking all cute;
  • [disdain]: An angry dumpling looking annoyed;
  • [astonish]: Angry dumpling with mouth agape;
  • [rage]: Red dumpling with steam coming out of its ears;
  • [cool]: Dumpling wearing sunglasses;
  • [excited]: Face with eyes closed in excitement;
  • [proud]: Dumpling looking proud of itself;
  • [nap]: Dumpling sleeping;
  • [evil]: Dumpling looking devilish;
  • [angel]: Dumpling with a halo;
  • [laugh]: Dumpling laughing with tears down its eyes;
  • [pride]: Face looking mildly annoyed;
  • [smileface]: Dumpling smiling casually;
  • [loveface]: Dumpling with hearts in its eyes;
  • [awkward]: Dumpling looking embarrassed;
  • [shock]: Dumpling screaming in shock.

Basically, write how you are feeling inside two square brackets, and see your text gets transformed into an emoji. These TikTok emoji codes will definitely help you to best express your emotions on TikTok!

How to get hidden emojis

In order to use the emojis, just copy the shortcode, as it is listed above between square brackets and use it in the app. Both in your video's description or in comments and, voilà, it will turn into an emoji.

So next time while you are incorporating the top trending TikTok hashtags into your TikTok Duet or the latest TikTok trends, or trying to message someone on TikTok, do use these TikTok emoji codes.

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