Snapchat - why is my AI busy?

Snapchat Why is my AI busy snapchat icon 3d

Snapchat Why is my AI busy snapchat icon 3d

A few weeks ago Snapchat launched an all new service, powered by ChatGPT, a chatbot which we can have a conversation with. But what if the app says the AI is busy? What is happening and how to fix? Let's take a look.

The app has been debuting the AI with people wondering what to ask, adding to other features of the app such as the score and the games.

Still, if the problem is popping up and your chatbot is busy, that can be quite frustrating. Read on to find out how to fix it.

How to fix Snapchat AI chatbot being busy

Since this problem is usually caused by too many people trying to access the Chatbot service, if you are seeing slowdowns or having problems using it, waiting might solve it. But still, if that doesn't solve you might try one of these several fixes.

Logging out and back into the account

Logging out from your Snapchat account and then back in might easily solve the problem. It is better to wait a couple of minutes before logging back in, since that also might help the server in handling requests.

Clear cache and change browser

Perhaps the problem is depending on your browser, if you have been using the chatbot too long with the same application. Clear the cache of your browser before attempting to use Snapchat again or, even better, change browser or device you are using to access the service.

Your browser might have accumulated a lot of temporary files and filled up the cache on your device. Deleting it helps with improving the performance.

Using a VPN

By relying on a VPN service, you are able to change the nationality where your requests come from, getting around the servers being too busy. You can experiment a bit with several nations (also by trying those who might not be in the peak hours of Snapchat).

What is causing the Snapchat AI busy problem?

This seems to be a temporary problem usually related to too many users requesting to use the chatbot, which causes Snapchat' servers to not be able to serve the content to everyone.

As we mentioned before, waiting a few minutes before trying again might solve it. Or also just choosing a different time of the day (or the week) to access it, along with trying the other possible fixes we described before.

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