Snapchat birthdays - How to see birthdays on Snapchat

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Snapchat Birthdays - How to see birthdays on Snapchat
Credit: Snap

Snapchat Birthdays Mini is the answer to your question.

Built by Snap, the Birthdays Mini lets you see a list of all the birthdays of your Snapchat friends in one place, making it easy for you to remember and celebrate their special days.


If you don't know how to use Birthdays Mini to find out when your best friend's birthday is, this guide will show you the way to do it.

How to see upcoming birthdays on Snapchat

With Birthdays Mini, you can view when your friends' birthdays fall on the calendar and maybe plan a surprise party. It doesn't display your friends’ birth year or age, but it does show their birth month and day.

So, here is how to see birthdays on Snapchat:

  • Swipe right to the Chat screen.
  • Tap on a Chat or Group Chat.
  • Tap the rocket icon to open the Games and Minis Drawer.
  • Scroll down and select Birthdays [MINI].
  • Tap View All Friends to see the birthdays of all your Snapchat friends.

When the Birthdays Mini is launched, you will be able to see a list of upcoming and recent birthdays of your Snapchat friends, as well as birthdays organized by Zodiac Sign. If you scroll down to the bottom, you will also see a countdown clock for your next birthday.

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Is Snapchat Birthdays Mini not working?

If you are unable to someone's birthday on Snapchat, it is because they have their Birthday Party feature turned off. Only your friends who have opted in to have their birthday seen on Snapchat will be included in the Birthdays Mini.


In case the Snapchat Birthdays Mini is not working at all, not displaying anyone's birthday, it may be because the Mini is broken. If that's the case, we recommend you kill and relaunch the Snapchat app.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the Snapchat Birthdays Mini is not available on Snapchat Web.

Now that you have learned how to see birthdays on Snapchat, have a look at how to see your best friends list on Snapchat Plus and learn what to do if your Snapchat is temporarily disabled.