How To Make BeReal Public

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How To Make BeReal Public

Wondering how to make your BeReal public? We've got you covered!

Despite some bugs such as the BeReal notification not working occasionally, it seems users have embraced this unique photo-sharing app. It is a shining example of BeReal's success that Instagram has copied the BeReal concept for their latest feature, Candid Challenges.

Since the app is relatively new, users are still learning about its features and how to tweak them. For example, many users were struggling to figure out how to delete a BeReal photo or how to retake a BeReal post.

Fortunately, we're here to help! This article will help you understand how to make BeReal public.

Is BeReal Public?

By default, your BeReal is not public. The photos you share are only visible to your friends. However, it is possible to share your BeReal posts publicly.

When it comes to privacy and security, BeReal is a lot like Snapchat. All BeReal posts disappear when a new notification to post your BeReal arrives. In other words, your BeReal posts get automatically deleted after 24 hours, like Snapchat.

In addition, BeReal also notifies screenshots, letting you know who has taken a screenshot of your post. Another notable feature is that a user can view other users' BeReal only if they post a BeReal of their own. The app makes sure everyone is participating.

How To Make BeReal Public

Although there is no way to make your BeReal account public, you can tweak the privacy settings of your BeReal posts to make them visible to all BeReal users. For those who wish to make their BeReal public, here's how it is done.

On iPhone

  1. Capture your BeReal.
  2. Tap the My friends only and select Discovery to make your BeReal public.
  3. Hit Send to post.

On Android

  1. Capture your BeReal.
  2. Tap the send icon.
  3. Select Everyone (Discovery) under the Send to... header to make your BeReal public.
  4. Tap the send icon to post.

This way, you can make your BeReal posts appear on the Discovery page - visible to all BeReal users.

We hope BeReal will introduce an update in the future that allows us to make our BeReal account public so that we don't need to tweak the privacy settings every time we post a BeReal.

How To Make My BeReal Private

As we mentioned earlier, BeReal is private by default. Only the people you add aka your friends can see your posts. You don't need to explicitly tweak any settings to make your BeReal private.

Since you are here, take a look at how to see BeReal without posting. Also, if your BeReal app is not working as it should, we have some easy fixes that you can try.

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