If I delete BeReal, will I lose everything?

if i delete bereal will i lose everything
Credit: BeReal/Fabian Sommer

If I delete BeReal, will I lose everything?

That’s what a lot of users want to know, as certain issues such as the app crashing or the notification not working problem have made them consider deleting the app. It’s a common solution many lean on, as uninstalling and reinstalling the app can usually make things better.

So, will users lose everything if they delete BeReal? Or is this a non-existent issue that no one will have to worry about? Keep reading and find out.

If I delete BeReal, will I lose everything?

You do not lose everything when you delete BeReal.

All the data associated with your BeReal account, including your posts, memories, comments, emojis and other information, are stored on BeReal's servers, not on your device.

So when you delete the BeReal app from your device, you're only removing the local copy of the app from your device. Your account and all of its data can be accessed by reinstalling the app in the future and logging back into your BeReal account.

Of course, make sure to memorize all of your login details, as a wrong letter or number could lead to some errors when trying to sign-in. Beyond that, users don’t really have anything to worry about when temporarily deleting the app from their devices.

Go ahead and delete BeReal if you must. Whether it’s to fix a bug or maybe even login to BeReal on a new phone, users have nothing to worry about. It’s good to know that most social media apps have the decency to do this, given how hectic these online issues can be.

When do I lose everything?

The only time you really lose everything is when you delete your BeReal account.

Whether it’s because someone hacked you or BeReal is not working properly or you are simply tired of the app, there are plenty of reasons to purge yourself from social media.

Luckily, when you decide to delete your BeReal account, the app gives you 15 days to get all of your images. Once the 15 days are over, the app and all of your posts will be permanently removed, so make your decision wisely.

And that’s what happens when you delete BeReal; nothing. For more BeReal tips, here’s how to see BeReal without posting. Users can also read about taking retakes with BeReal, even though it’s about being as authentic as can be.

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