What time do the Duolingo leagues end?

What time do the Duolingo leagues end?
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If you don't want to get demoted to the lower league, you need to earn the required points before the league concludes. But what time do the Duolingo leagues end?

Understanding when Duolingo leagues end can help you plan your practice or strategically earn valuable XPs just in the nick of time, giving you the edge to surpass other participants in the competition.

In this guide, we'll unveil when Duolingo leagues come to an end, equipping you with this knowledge to effectively plan your practice and secure valuable XPs to stay in the league or get promoted.

What time do the Duolingo leagues end?

The end time for Duolingo leagues is not the same for all users and does not follow a fixed, universal schedule. Instead, it varies based on the specific league and the time zones of the participants within that league.

Duolingo considers users' time zones when grouping them into leagues to avoid having the reset time land at an inconvenient hour (e.g., 3 AM) for some learners in the same league. This ensures that the reset time is more reasonable for all participants.

In the leaderboard tab of the Duolingo app, you can find information on how many days or hours are left for the current week's competition. To determine the exact end time for your Duolingo league, simply check this tab. It consistently concludes on the hour.

What time does the Duolingo streak reset?

The Duolingo streak resets at midnight (00:00) in your local time zone.

To maintain your Duolingo streak, you need to complete at least one lesson or activity before midnight in your local time zone. If you do not complete a lesson or activity before midnight, your streak will reset to zero, unless you have a streak freeze equipped.

And that covers everything you should know about the end time for Duolingo leagues. While you are here, make sure you check out how to remove languages from Duolingo and how to take live classes in Duolingo.

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