Did Snapchat remove Multi Snap 2024?

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Recently, numerous users have reported that the "Multi Snap" option has disappeared from the app. The sudden absence of the feature has prompted widespread speculation and concern, leading many to question: Did Snapchat remove Multi Snap?

Given Snapchat's history of removing features like in-app games and trophies, and rumours about possibly ending Snapscore and Remix, it makes sense for users to wonder if Multi Snap will also be removed.

This guide is designed to directly tackle worries by offering a detailed look at what's happening. We'll examine the current state of the Multi Snap feature and investigate why it might seem to be missing for some users.

Did Snapchat remove Multi Snap?

As of February 8, 2024, Snapchat has not removed Multi Snap from the platform. Several Snapchat users, including ourselves, have verified its availability, indicating that the feature remains available for use on the platform at this time.

However, it is possible that currently, the Multi Snap feature on Snapchat is not available for users in some regions due to temporary glitches or server outages, which can affect the availability and functionality of app features intermittently.

According to reports on Downdetector, there were some issues with the Snapchat servers in some regions on February 7 and February 8. This might be the reason the Multi Snap feature is not working for you or is temporarily unavailable.

Also, Snapchat could be rolling out updates to the feature, which could temporarily affect its availability for some users. Devs often deploy updates in waves to manage server load and monitor for issues on a smaller scale before a full rollout.

In summary, Snapchat has not taken away Multi Snap. However, the feature is temporarily unavailable for users in some regions due to technical glitches or server outages. Be assured that the feature will be restored as soon as the issue is resolved.

That covers everything you need to know about the removal of Multi Snap from Snapchat. Before you head off, explore how to see best friends list on Snapchat Plus.

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