Can Snapchat AI call the police and report you?

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Can Snapchat AI call the police and report you? - An image of the Snapchat AI chatbot
Credit: Snap Inc.

A swirling rumour has recently surfaced, sparking curiosity and concern among Snapchat users worldwide. The rumour suggests that Snapchat AI can call the police and report you, sparking concerns about digital privacy and potential legal implications.

With Snapchat games removed, users turn to the ChatGPT-powered My AI for entertainment. Users are asking the My AI on Snapchat various queries, including illegal and inappropriate content - until the rumour about Snapchat AI contacting the police emerged.

In this guide, we aim to delve into the heart of this rumour and explore whether Snapchat AI can call the police and report you.

Can Snapchat AI call the police and report you?

No, Snapchat AI can not call the police on you or report you.

Despite what you might see on Twitter or other social media, Snapchat My AI lacks the capability to initiate calls to the police or report users. It primarily functions as a chatbot and lacks the authority to take any legal action.

However, it is worth noting that Snapchat uses Open AI’s moderation technology to recognize content that violates the community guidelines of the platform.

If a user engages in inappropriate conversation, they will be temporarily restricted from further interactions with the chatbot.

When you attempt to engage in a conversation deemed inappropriate, you'll receive a reply stating, "Sorry, we're not speaking right now." This response indicates that you have been temporarily blocked from using the My AI.

So, remember to use My AI appropriately. keep in mind that My AI has a usage limit, so avoid excessive queries to ensure a smooth experience for all users.

Can My AI report you to Snapchat?

No, My AI itself cannot report you to Snapchat. However, it's important to remember that all content shared with My AI is stored until you delete it. Snapchat moderators have the ability to review this content and take appropriate action if it violates community guidelines.

It's essential to clarify that this action doesn't involve Snapchat personnel calling the police on users. Instead, engaging in inappropriate behaviour may result in a temporary denial of access to the Snapchat My AI feature.


It's worth mentioning that using the Snapchat jailbreak prompt won't result in your access to the AI being temporarily denied. So, if this has been a concern for you, rest assured that it won't affect your interactions with the AI.

And with that, our guide comes to an end. We hope you've found the answer to whether Snapchat AI can call the police and report you. While you're here, take a moment to explore how to remove My AI from Snapchat.

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