How many likes per day on Bumble?

Bumble likes per day - An image of the swipe interface of Bumble

Bumble likes per day - An image of the swipe interface of Bumble

A common point of curiosity among Bumble users centres around the "likes per day". They want to know exactly how many likes they can give in a day on the platform.

Bumble, similar to other dating apps, has set a daily limit on the number of likes a user can give, aiming to encourage more thoughtful selections. Being aware of the daily like limit on Bumble can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your swiping strategy.

This guide is designed to demystify this aspect of Bumble, helping you understand not just how many likes you can send each day. We will also share available methods to bypass the daily swipe limit.

How many likes per day on Bumble?

While Bumble doesn't officially publish the exact number, it's generally understood to be around 30 likes per day.

This was further substantiated by an experiment conducted by Redditor, who confirmed that the limit for daily likes within the Bumble app is indeed set at 30. Their experiment has also shed light on the likes reset time on Bumble.

If you're not familiar with how Bumble's system works, it's important to know that likes on the app reset on an individual 24-hour cycle. This means that if you send a like at 8 PM, this specific like will become available again at 8 PM the following day.

How to bypass the swipe limit

To bypass the swipe limit, there are a couple of options, but they typically involve upgrading to a paid subscription. Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium subscription offers unlimited likes, allowing you to continue swiping without hitting a limit.

Bumble's Premium subscription, which offers bonus features and advanced filters, is priced at $19.99 for one week, $39.99 for one month, $76.99 for three months, and $229.99 for a lifetime subscription.

With that, we've covered all the essential information regarding Bumble's likes per day limit. We hope this guide has not only satisfied your curiosity but also resolved any uncertainties you may have had regarding this aspect of the app.

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