How To Fix BeReal Not Uploading

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How To Fix BeReal Not Uploading

Is your BeReal not uploading? Try these fixes.

So you have received the BeReal notification for today and just captured a decent pic, probably after several retakes. But, for some reason, your BeReal post is not uploading.


When you tap SEND, the post just loads and eventually disappears without posting. You retake your BeReal post, but still, nothing happens. You are sitting there helpless, wondering why BeReal is taking so long to upload.

Worry not! Well, we can help.

How To Fix BeReal Not Uploading

BeReal not uploading issue is certainly frustrating. Because, without posting your own BeReal, you can't see other people's BeReals - unless you are aware of the method to see BeReal without posting.


For some, the BeReal post fails to upload, but it disappears right after posting for others. Whatever the case may be, try the following troubleshooting tips to fix the BeReal not uploading issue.

  • First, check if the BeReal servers are down. Go to the official Twitter page of BeReal and see if they have posted anything about server maintenance or the servers being down. If the servers are down, you may need to wait until the servers are up and running.
  • If nothing is wrong with the BeReal servers, then make sure that your internet connection is fast and stable. Try other apps like YouTube or TikTok to see if you can stream content without any connection issues.
  • If other apps seem to work fine, the problem is likely with BeReal. Try killing the app and relaunching it. Also, make sure the BeReal app is up-to-date.

In case none of the solutions works for you, just install the Beta version of BeReal as it is more stable and less buggy. BeReal Beta has reportedly fixed many issues such as BeReal not working properly and the no BeReal notification error.

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Why Is My BeReal Not Uploading?

When your BeReal post fails to upload, it's natural to wonder why it is happening to you while all your friends can post. Well, there are several reasons why your BeReal post is not uploading. Here are some.

  • BeReal servers are down.
  • Your Internet connection is poor.
  • Bugs in the app.

If your BeReal post is not uploading, your best bet is to try the troubleshooting tips we have listed here. Hopefully, one of them will fix the BeReal not uploading issue for you.


In case the issue persists, we recommend you report the problem to the devs via the app. Navigate to BeReal Settings > Help > Contact us and tap Report a Problem.

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