The iPhone 13 will finally shrink the notch, reintroduce Touch ID and more

Apple’s 2021 iPhone looks to a crowd pleaser. The upcoming iPhone 13 will finally consider fan and critic feedback from the last few generations of phones, and it'll be a greater device for it.

Reported by EverythingApplePro, the next generation iPhone 13 will have a bold new redesign that will make it a far more attractive glass sandwich than before.

iPhone 13 Notch

Apple's iPhone 13 will reportedly reduce the size of the notch that obscures the top part of the phone’s OLED screen. Starting with the iPhone X, Apple introduced a notch at the top of the screen to increase screen size and remove bezels while still keeping the cameras.

As rival phones started to remove the notch in favour of hole cutouts, Apple has remained one of the only phone companies to keep the notch. Due, in part, to the iPhone’s high-end face recognition software on the front of the phone, the notch hasn't seen a reduction in size.

EverythingApplePro states that the new iPhone will finally reduce the size of the notch, although it won't be completely removed.

iPhone 13 Touch ID

The iPhone 13 is said to reintroduce Apple users to Touch ID. Apple has removed the feature in recent phones in order to focus on Face ID. However, as many have found Face ID to be a hassle in a year where everyone is wearing a face mask, Touch ID has become a necessity.

Apple didn't completely abandon Touch ID. In fact, the feature did return last year's in the iPad Air 2020. While not perfect, the option of Touch ID was a very welcome addition to the budget iPad line.

What other improvements are there?

Apple is said to be improving a lot of features for their new phone. Not only will the cameras get another upgrade, as well as a different look, but they will also have an overhauled stabilisation software experience to make video a treat. LiDAR will also be improved to make edge detection better.

The company is said to be working on a vastly improved audio engine for the new iPhone that will be backed up by new software. Finally, despite rumours that it would be killed, the iPhone Mini line will continue with the iPhone 13 Mini. This mini phone is said to have a bigger battery than last year's device.

All of these details are expected to be announced in an upcoming Apple event. However, its not clear when this event will take place. Multiple leakers expected the event for March 23rd, the same day as the OnePlus 9 event. Obviously, those leaks weren't accurate.

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