New Apple products 2021: What will happen with the iPhone, Mac, Macbook and iPad next year?

Apple is a company that's more or less gone from strength to strength ever since it came into being.

However, it wasn't until the launch of the iPhone and iPods that most people really started taking notice.

The company has continued to constantly iterate on their products, albeit not always successfully, and they're in a good position now for sure.

So, how was this year for Apple, and what can expect in 2021 from the tech giant?

How did Apple do in 2020

Despite how abhorrent the year has been for most of us, Apple as a company did pretty well.

It's impossible to look at the launches of the iPhone 12s, the new iPad, and the incredibly impressive new Apple Watches without being impressed.

The advancements the company seems to have made in tech, especially when it comes to the Apple Watch, are definitely worth paying attention to.

However, it's worth noting that this year has brought forward some serious security concerns, and Apple is going to need to address that.

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What can we expect in 2021?

There are a bunch of new products coming next year, or at least that are planned to be coming next year. It's important to note that it's hard to accurately predict anything, and while the pandemic might start easing off next year, nothing is set in stone as of yet.

We're expecting to see various new versions of some of the MacBooks, with a 16 inch MacBook Pro being one of those.

We're also expecting to see an update to AirPods and Apple TV alongside upgrades to the iPad too. These are all exciting prospects, especially for those who have been dealing with older tech and waiting for the next big upgrade to come.

The most exciting thing by far though is the prospect of Apple's AR Glasses. While upgrades are all good and well, this kind of product could be truly revolutionary, so it's the one we're most excited to see.

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