New Apple Macbook Pro 16 may launch before the end of 2020: Specs, features, price, release date and everything we know

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Now that the iPad Air and the iPhone 12 line are official, heads are now turning to the Macs from Apple.

Back in June, the company announced a switch from Intel processors to their own 'Apple Silicon' chips, with a statement that they will be bringing out their first Mac with the new chip very soon.

Last week, an update was released which hinted towards a new MacBook Pro, and customers are wondering if this means that the first 'Apple Silicon' Mac will be from their laptop line.

With that, lets see what could be brought to the next MacBook Pro.


A 'Boot Camp' update, which enables a Mac to install Windows, stated a fix for a 'MacBook Pro 16" 2020', which doesn't exist as yet.

With rumours that Apple is holding one more event on the 17th November, it is adding credence that a MacBook may be appearing with 'Apple Silicon' and their own Apple GPU.

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There have been some features long-missing from the Mac line, such as FaceID, which is rumoured to be coming to the new Macs, alongside even higher-resolution FaceTime cameras.

There's also a rumour of a thinner design and much longer battery thanks to 'Apple Silicon', bringing other rumours of a 20-hour battery coming to the MacBook line when announced.

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Release Date

With the rumours of the next Apple event coming on Tuesday November 17th, usually their new Mac products land on the Friday, which looks like the 20th November.

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The first 16" MacBook Pro retails for £2,399, and with 'Apple Silicon', we suspect the first model to be priced at £1,999.

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