How to connect PSVR headset to Mac, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air



Even though some people might think that this is a far-from-reality concept, connecting your PSVR headset to Mac devices is actually possible.

PSVR, the PlayStation Virtual Reality headset, offers an engaging experience for its users. It includes gaming, watching videos, and many more visual aspects you can do today.

Yet even there are rumours that Mac device creators Apple are developing their own VR headset, you can still use the PSVR in your Macs.

Here's how to connect the PSVR headset to your Mac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air:

Download MacMorpheus

MacMorpheus is your go-to MacOS app that can cater 3D and VR features for the Mac devices.

You can download it here: GitHub - emoRaivis/MacMorpheus: 3D 180/360 video player for macOS and PSVR.

Once you already have it installed, you may proceed in connecting your PSVR to the Mac device you want to use.

ps4 controller
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Connect your PSVR as is

Android Central mentioned that, to start with, you just need to connect your PSVR normally.

Just turn on your PSVR, the PS4, and your TV screen. Then unplug the HDMI cable of your PSVR from the connector box.

Then connect the head-mounted display HDMI cable to any of your Mac devices. Plug your TV's HDMI cable to the connector box of your PSVR.

And then, connect the USB cable of your PSVR box to the Mac device. Finish off by launching MacMorpheus and choosing the game/video you want to run or watch.

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