Apple Watch Stuck On Update: How to fix Apple Watch Update Stuck on Verifying and Preparing

We all know that Apple regularly sends out software updates to its devices, and the Apple Watch is no exception. But just occasionally, the update gets stuck, and you find yourself with an update that says it is verifying or preparing, but never seems to go anywhere. Rather than being left with an expensive but unusable piece of tech, you've wisely come here, to seek a solution. So, like Patrick Moore in Gamesmaster, here are some tips.

How to fix Apple Watch update stuck on verifying and preparing

It's fair to say that Apple Watch updates are somewhat notorious for being a bit of a grind. So it's important to make sure that you lay the groundwork before you get going. Firstly, make sure your iPhone is up to date with the latest version of iOS.

Next, make sure your watch is on the charger, and has a minimum of 50% charge. Place your iPhone close by, and make sure WiFi is enabled on the iPhone. If the verifying message still doesn't disappear, try closing the Watch app, reopen it, and reattempt the update.

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Luckily, there are some other tips to follow, if even this doesn't help.

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Update directly via the Watch

For many people, using the Watch app on the iPhone is an easier way to initialise the update. But this can sometimes trigger the "endless 'verifying' screen of death". So an alternative is to use the Apple Watch to access the update. To do this:

  • Open the app page on the Apple Watch
  • Tap Settings
  • Press General
  • Then press Software Update

This can often circumvent the issue that arises when doing the update via your iPhone.

Free up your Apple Watch storage

If your watch is full of apps, it may lack sufficient storage space to complete the update, so consider removing some apps or other content, and see if this makes a difference. To remove an app:

  • Go to your Apple Watch Home Screen
  • Tap and hold an app icon until it begins to tremble
  • Tap the X to remove it from your watch
  • Repeat until you have freed up enough space for the update

Restart, or reset

If you've tried everything that we've already suggested, then we're moving towards the final few options. The first of these to try, is a restart of your Apple Watch and your iPhone. It's ok to restart your Watch if it is stuck on verifying, but not recommended if the update has actually started.

Once you have turned off both devices, leave them both off for thirty seconds to a minute, before switching them back on.

Your option of last resort, is to consider doing a full reset of your watch. While this does erase the data on the Watch, it should create a backup on your iPhone before you wipe it. To do this:

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone
  • Select All Watches
  • Tap Info next to your Apple Watch
  • Tap Unpair Watch
  • This will back up, unpair and reset your watch

Once this process is complete, repair your Watch, and attempt a fresh update.

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