Apple Mixed Reality headset will have 15 cameras and "enhanced biometrics"

Apple's debut into the world of dedicated mixed reality hardware appears to be developed with the usual pizzazz in mind. The in-development Apple Mixed Reality headset is said to be powered by fifteen camera modules to power enhanced augmented reality.

Reported by Kuo, the Apple Mixed Reality headset will be able to monitor the user's surrounding environment for AR activities. The next-gen headset will reportedly support both augmented and virtual reality software. While not confirmed, the large number of cameras point to the inclusion of inside-out tracking.

How does the Apple Mixed Reality headset work?

All fifteen of the Mixed Reality headset cameras will work together in unison to provide users with an Apple-grade AR experience. Kuo reports that eight cameras are dedicated to AR video, six are reserved for "innovative biometrics" and a final sensor is used for environmental detection.

These cameras will be incorporated into a single "helmet-type" headset. Combined with a micro-OLED display, users will be able to utilize the device for both AR and VR use cases.

Apple's headset camera module will allegedly be produced by Taiwanese lens company Largan Precision. The Taiwanese company has benefited from a long-term partnership with Apple. For over a decade, Largan has been the iPhone company's supplier of camera technology.

When will Apple's AR/VR headset release?

Apple's Mixed Reality headset will likely not release this year. The first generation device is believed to be targeting a 2022 launch date. Customers will have to pay the usual Apple premium; reports state that the device will cost around $1000.

After the release of the headset, Apple is reportedly planning on creating a smaller version of their AR tech. Allegedly coming in 2025, the iPhone company will release their first pair of AR glasses.

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