Microsoft begins testing for web-based xCloud streaming

Microsoft's xCloud streaming has been quite the success since its full launch in mid-2020. Releasing as a mobile app for Android devices, xCloud allows members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to stream Game Pass titles direct to their phone, without needing to download them.

This app is not currently supported on iOS devices following Apple's restrictions on applications that include multiple games, including Stadia.

To get around this restriction of its playerbase, Microsoft is following Stadia's footsteps in creating a web-based Xbox Cloud Gaming service, allowing iOS players to get involved...

xCloud for browsers begins testing, according to reports

As per The Verge, Microsoft employees have now been granted access to test the browser-based xCloud streaming service, which can be used on iOS devices. This will also be available via the Windows 10 Xbox app, using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

A public preview of the xCloud service is reportedly set to launch in Spring following these internal tests.

The Verge reports that it is "not immediately clear" what resolution the web version of xCloud will use, with the xCloud servers still using Xbox One S components until an upgrade later this year.

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Should I buy xCloud?

xCloud is available as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, which currently costs £10.99/$14.99 per month. Alongside access to xCloud streaming, the subscription gives players access to the full Game Pass library on Xbox and PC, EA Play, Xbox Live Gold and one-month of Disney Plus.

If you are already paying for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live, we'd highly recommend combining your payments and buying Game Pass Ultimate, which will end up saving you more in the long run.

As for xCloud, while the portability it offers via gaming-on-the-go may not seem so exciting as COVID-19 disrupts our normal travel patterns, this service proves indispensable for players not tied down to their desk or TV all day, so long as you have a strong enough internet connection.

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