Is Xbox Party Chat down? What to do if your Xbox Live Party Chat is not working

When you use one platform for all your gaming, you want to make sure that you can chat with your friends in the same place, without using other apps like Discord, Skype and even Zoom.

This where Xbox Party Chat comes in; it's a video conferencing method, but for your games, with your friends. Even if a game doesn't feature its own party chat, Xbox can be an overlay for this.

This writer uses it for when 'Golf with Friends' is played, *encouraging* one another when a hole-in-one is achieved.

However, there are times when the whole Xbox Live service can stall and be non-responsive, which can also trickle down into 'Xbox Party Chat', so here's what to do when that scenario plays out.

How to Check Xbox Live Status

One of the first avenues to check is 'Xbox Live Status'. It's a great page where you can see exactly what's having issues, and what's being investigated.

The other avenue is the 'Xbox Support' Twitter. They are very quick to identify and issues, and also to respond to any queries.

No matter which avenue you go to, there's a good chance that your issue has already been found and investigated.

Especially with the Xbox Series S/X consoles now out, Microsoft wants to make sure that every user can access all the Xbox services however and whenever they can.

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How to fix if it's down!

However, if it isn't a matter of waiting for Microsoft to fix something in their backend, other options are available.

One is 'power cycling' ,where it can hard reset a console, to give it a re-jig if it's having trouble connecting to a game.

  1. Hold the power button for ten seconds.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Remove power cable from console.
  1. Wait 30 seconds.
  2. Reconnect the power cable and switch the console back on.
  3. Sign back into your profile and join the match again.

Another avenue will be to check your network settings. Make sure that the 'NAT Type' is open, which can allow other incoming connections to reach the console.

If you're still coming across issues, it may be beneficial to reach out to Xbox Support directly, to see if there's a hardware fault with your console.

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