How to change your Xbox Live username

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Your Xbox Live name is what other users of the Xbox ecosystem sees whenever you are online.

However, there may have been a time where you named yourself something that was best left in 2005, and you now want to change it to better reflect who you are now.

There are a few simple steps one may need to pull this off. However, once done, you'll most likely be greeted with a warm welcome instead of a cringing response when you're about to play a multiplayer match with someone.

With that, here's how to change your Xbox Live name or gamertag.

How to change your username

Head on to the official page for Xbox Live in choosing your username.

Type in any name which you want to appear whenever you are in the Xbox Live app itself.

If it is currently available, click the 'Change Gamertag' button to make it your new name for your Xbox account.

Your online friends will now see your new name after a couple of working hours.

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Are there popular names to look into for the change?

You can go with your real name as your own username if you wish.

But if your name is unfortunately taken, you may need to think of some additions, such as a number or a symbol.


But if you don't want to think in more detail with your username, you can head here for some unique choices you may want to use.

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