Windows 11 ungroup taskbar - How to ungroup items on the taskbar

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Windows 11 ungroup taskbar - How to ungroup items on the taskbar | A Windows 11 tablet
Credit: Microsoft

Struggling to ungroup the taskbar items in Windows 11?

In Windows 11, the taskbar received a major makeover to make it look more appealing and modern. Although the brand-new design looks pretty to the eyes, the grouped items on the taskbar are adversely affecting the productivity of many users.

Fortunately, there are ways to ungroup items on the taskbar in Windows 11 and we are going to share them with you. Whether you are using Windows 11 Home or Pro, these hacks will help you to organize your taskbar.

How to ungroup items on the taskbar in Windows 11

Although the Windows 11 22H2 update reverted some controversial changes to the taskbar in the original release (for instance, now you can move the taskbar to the left), the "ungroup" or "never combine" option didn't return.

That means there is no official way to ungroup icons on the taskbar in Windows 11.


However, there are a couple of workarounds to achieve this feat. We are going to share two methods that will allow you to ungroup items on the taskbar in Windows 11. You can choose the one you find comfortable.

Using ExplorerPatcher

  • Install ExplorerPatcher by clicking here.
  • Run the installer. It will automatically prompt for elevation, after which it will install the necessary files. You may encounter a white blank screen; it's just normal.
  • Once installed, right-click on the taskbar and select Properties.
  • Now change the Taskbar style to Windows 10.
  • After that, change Combine taskbar items on the main taskbar to Never combine.
  • Finally, click on Restart File Explorer at the bottom-left to reflect the changes.

That's it! Your icons are no longer grouped. Another thing you can do is open the Feedback Hub app, click on Suggest a feature and request Microsoft to bring back the "never combine" option. Hopefully, Microsoft will listen to our suggestion.

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Using StartAllBack

How to ungroup items on the taskbar in Windows 11 | A screenshot of Windows 11 desktop
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Credit: StartAllBack
  • Install StartAllBack by clicking here.
  • Once installed, the app will launch automatically. If it didn't, right-click on the Start button and click Properties to launch it manually.
  • Now, click Taskbar in the left navigation pane.
  • Under the Tweak behavior and superpowers header, click the dropdown menu next to Combine taskbar buttons.
  • Click Never from the dropdown menu to ungroup items on the taskbar.

You can also restore the changes to the Start Menu, Control Panel, File Explorer and more using this piece of software. Just play around with the customizations in the app and you will be astounded by the things it can do.

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