Is the PS5 more powerful than Xbox Series X? Which console has the most power?

Throughout the ages of consoles, there's been the big debate of 'power'. The power of 'bits' of 64-bit, or 128-bit, and somehow that would result in more sales for that console.

Currently we've been shown two streams, each showing what the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is capable of, up to a point.

We've seen the specs of each console, both shouting about 4K resolutions and SSD hard drives, but it's all irrelevant without good games and how they will be managed through the UI home-screens.

With that, lets have a quick rundown of seeing if the PS5 is more powerful than the Xbox Series X.

It's over 9000! (Teraflops)

When the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were announced in 2013, the main takeaway was how similar they were in architectures to PC's that you could either build or find at your local electronics store.

Some have been building PC's this year with an underlying aim for them to rival the next-gen consoles, especially when Microsoft have announced that games such as Halo Infinite will release on both PC and Series X.

When you look at the specifications of each console, it's no secret that they're both housing CPU and GPU variants from AMD, and having architectures that are expected to be on the next graphics cards, but it's only when you look closer that the battle seems to be won by Xbox.

There's more speed in the CPU, more memory bandwidth, and more teraflops that easily trounce the PlayStation 5. When you think about the method of what Microsoft is aiming for with xCloud, Play Anywhere and Games Pass, it makes sense in the long run.

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With Great Power comes Great Exclusivity

But of course, power isn't everything here. What matters most of all, are the games, and Sony has plenty. From Gran Turismo to Spiderman: Miles Morales, there's so many exclusives that players may be tempted just from that. When you combine that with the potential of their 25-year library featuring Tekken 3, Tomb Raider 2, Ridge Racer and many more, that's what could sway those who only decide on power.

From the interviews that Sony and Microsoft have given, it looks like there's potential for different models of each consoles in the long run to make it affordable for everyone, and PSNow and xCloud could really help with that.

But right now, on the face of it, Xbox Series X wins in power; no question. But it's how that power will be used. If it's towards games that focus only on graphics and not fun, it's a wasted opportunity. It needs to be about fun, the joy of playing a game and being encouraged to go further.

Time will tell on just what Microsoft will unveil in a fortnight's time, but if they show Halo Infinite with huge worlds, next to no-loading between levels, then players could be in for a treat when it launches.

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