Which consoles is Star Wars: Squadrons coming to? Is Star Wars Squadrons on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, PC or Google Stadia?

EA has officially announced Star Wars: Squadrons, which will bring a new starfighter experience onto heaps of gaming devices - but not the Nintendo Switch!

If you're wondering, will we be able to play Star Wars Squadrons on Nintendo Switch? The answer to that question seems to be no, but there are lots of other ways to get involved with this galactic new title.

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EA has held the Star Wars gaming licence for a few years, and now it looks like the Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order publisher has turned its attention firmly onto the space-combat side of the iconic sci-fi franchise.

TheStar Wars Squadrons release date has been set for 2nd October, and it has been confirmed that crossplay support and VR will be available!

The official info tells us that Star Wars: Squadrons will launch on Xbox One, PS4, PC. Keep reading for more info...

Is Star Wars Squadrons on Nintendo Switch?

A Nintendo Switch release has NOT been confirmed for Star Wars Squadrons, so you will not able to take this game on the go with your handy hybrid Nintendo console.

Here's hoping that, at some point down the road, EA will be able to cram Star Wars Squadrons onto the Switch. But doing just that is not on the cards right now, it would seem.

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Is Star Wars Squadrons on PS4 or PS5?

The initial release of Star Wars Squadrons will reach current-gen systems, so you can fully expect to play this new game on PS4! Of course, we can't rule out a PS5 release happening at some point later, but it hasn't been announced yet.

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Is Star Wars Squadrons on Xbox One or Xbox Series X?

Star Wars Squadrons will arrive on Xbox One as part of its initial launch. We wouldn't be surprised to see an Xbox Series X release happening a little later, but that has not been confirmed yet.

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How to play Star Wars Squadrons on PC

Star Wars Squadrons will reach PC gamers via Steam, Origin and the Epic Games Store during its initial launch. And you'll be able to crossplay between platforms!

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Can you play Star Wars Squadrons on Mac or mobile via Google Stadia?

Nope! Star Wars Squadrons is NOT set to launch on Google Stadia, which means you will not be able to load up the game on Mac using the Chrome browser. Stadia also works with select mobile phones, but Star Wars Squadron is missing out on that!

Is Star Wars Squadrons crossplay?

Star Wars Squadrons will have crossplay, which means you'll be able to play with your friends across the divide of consoles and platforms - people with PS4 consoles can play with Xbox One owners, and vice versa, and PC players can share the same battles as well!

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