Warner Bros axes Arrowverse CEO as DC TV dies

DC and Warner Bros. fans have been going through an emotional rollercoaster in recent weeks, due to cancelations and layoffs. It seems those won’t be ending anytime soon as CW CEO and Arrowverse advocate Mark Pedowitz is now stepping down.

The Arrowverse proved that DC could have its own interconnected universe, albeit through TV instead of cinemas, which isn’t bad. While it was far from perfect, this is still a sad day for DC fans, as the brand continues to struggle.

CW CEO and Arrowverse advocate leaves

A report from Deadline confirmed that Pedowitz would be stepping down, disappointing many Arrowverse fans since he greenlit various shows. It is somewhat fitting seeing him leave since this TV universe will be ending once shows like The Flash conclude.

Pedowitz sent a memo to staff regarding his departure, which has since been made public by entertainment websites like Deadline. Like with most departures of this nature, he thanks everyone for their help and touts the success of The CW.

Subject: A Note from Mark
Dear friends and colleagues,
All journeys have a beginning and end. My wonderful journey of 11 plus years at The CW is now concluding.
From the beginning of my time here at The CW all of you welcomed me with open arms. The camaraderie, teamwork, collaboration and creativity made this a truly special place to work.
Together, we have accomplished so much. This upstart network with its unique blend of programming brought The CW into the forefront of pop culture and social media. We made water cooler TV in a multi-platform world. We embraced what the audience wanted and gave it to them.
Many attempted to emulate The CW, but few succeeded.
Collectively, we Dared to Defy the conventional norms, converted weaknesses into strengths and forged new paths that no one had done before in the industry. The CW has become a recognized leader on-screen and behind the scenes with our efforts to showcase and embrace the diverse world we inhabit. We created an environment for people to express themselves without fear and created stability in an unstable business. We found ways to share our differences of opinion and arrive at a unified consensus.
As I end my CW journey, I will commence a new one. I have activated my production/consulting company Pinestreet Entertainment. I look forward to bringing some of my projects to The CW.
May the network’s journey continue to be one of unparalleled success and may all of you continue to Dare to Defy the naysayers.
I know I will.
With respect and admiration,

Arrowverse no more

Fans hoping that the Arrowverse would stay in some form may have finally lost hope, now that Pedewitz is gone. Superman & Lois might stay on the air but that show has since distanced itself from that particular universe recently.

Most saw the writing on the wall when Nexstar bought The CW, as that usually doesn’t end well for certain bosses. It will be interesting to see if DC ever tries to build another TV universe but that seems unlikely, given the unstable nature of Warner Bros. Discovery.

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