Will Quest 2 accessories work with Meta Quest 3?

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Will the Quest 2 accessories work with Meta Quest 3? - An image of the Quest 3 headset and controllers

For Quest 2 owners considering an upgrade to the Meta Quest 3, it's only natural to ponder: Will the Quest 2 accessories work with Meta Quest 3?

Given the money spent on head straps and facial interfaces for the Quest, it's understandable that people would want to use them with the Quest 3 too. This way, they can avoid spending more on separate accessories for the Meta Quest 3.

In this guide, we will provide you with information about whether your Quest 2 accessories are compatible with the latest Meta Quest 3. This will help you make an informed decision when you pre-order the Meta Quest 3.

Will the Quest 2 accessories work with Meta Quest 3?

Meta Quest 2 accessories such as the head strap, controllers and facial interface will not work with the Meta Quest 3. This is because the Meta Quest 3 has a slightly different design and shape than the Quest 2 (further elaboration ahead).

However, the Meta Quest 2 carrying case will be able to fit in the new Quest 3 as it is smaller in size than Quest 2. But the Quest 3 will also probably have its own carrying case, which will be specifically tailored to its dimensions.

Head straps compatibility

Will the Quest 2 accessories work with Meta Quest 3? - A side-by-side image of Quest 2 and Quest 3
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Credit: Meta

Apparently, the USB-C port on the Meta Quest 3 is positioned in the middle of the pivot where the strap attaches to the headset. So you will not be able to charge your Quest 3 as the head strap obstructs or interferes with the charging port's accessibility.

If you were to attempt using a Quest 2 strap, you would need to drill a hole in it to accommodate charging. However, it's uncertain whether this modification would actually make it work with the Meta Quest 3.

It is worth mentioning that the BOBOVR M2 head strap for Quest 2 might be compatible with the Meta Quest 3, as it doesn't extend all the way up to the location of the new charging port on the Q3. So, if you have this particular head strap, you would be good.

Facial interface changes


There have been some design changes made to the facial interface in the Meta Quest 3. With a 40% slimmer optic profile (without foam facial interface) compared to Quest 2, Quest 3 is a sleeker, more comfortable headset.

So considering this change in design and size, it is very unlikely that the Quest 2's facial interface accessories will be compatible with the Quest 3. You will need facial interface accessories designed specifically for the Quest 3 for a comfortable and secure fit.

And that covers everything we know about the compatibility of Quest 2 accessories with the Meta Quest 3. While you're here, make sure to check out our other Quest 3 guides, including instructions to set up the Quest 3.

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