When is the Meta Quest 3 release date?

When is quest 3 release date - Meta Quest 3 headset

When is quest 3 release date - Meta Quest 3 headset

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Are you ready for the launch of the upcoming third version of Meta's VR headset? Many are excited about it and are looking forward to it. But when is the Quest 3 release date, exactly?

Building upon the success of the well-received Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, the upcoming iteration is set to elevate immersive gaming encounters to entirely new levels. However, the questions that remain are centered around its release date and the cost associated with this state-of-the-art technology.

But we all want to know when we'll get our hands on it, right? So let's dive into the Quest 3 release date info.

When is the Meta Quest 3 release date?

The Meta Quest 3 will be released on September 27, 2023. This is not far away from the original release date of Fall 2023 that many had predicted when the first information on the VR headset came out.

The prior iteration, Meta Quest 2, made its debut in October 2020, a strategically timed release that aligned with the upcoming holiday season. This move led to a surge in purchases, with the headset becoming a highly coveted item during the Christmas period.

Given the success of this approach, it makes sense for Meta to follow a similar strategy for the Quest 3, leveraging the consumer demand during the festive season.

Meta Quest 3 price and info

The Meta Quest 3 carries a price of $399.99 for the 128GB model and a hundred dollars more, $499.99 for the 256GB model.

Similarly, during its launch, Quest 2 offered consumers two storage alternatives. The base model, equipped with 128GB of storage, was priced at $399, while the 256GB variant came with a $499 price tag. Those prices are also being lowered by 100 dollars with the launch of the Quest 3.

The Meta Quest 2 is still a very viable option if you want to enjoy some VR and not hurt the bank too much.

That's all we have for you on the Meta Quest 3 release date. For more info on the headset, check out our guides on is Beat Saber on Quest 3 and PSVR2 vs Quest 3.

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