PSVR: How sharp is the display?

The PSVR's screen can provide a sharp experience to its users even after hours of playing or watching on the headset.

It may not be as advanced as other VR headsets, but it just keeps up with the standard for VR headsets.

At least until the next-generation of Sony's headset is released.

With that, here's everything you need to know about how sharp the PSVR display is.

How sharp is the PSVR display?

The PSVR has a resolution of 1080p on its twin-5.7 inch OLED panel.

It's an acceptable quality for a user having to keep track of the game they're playing when wearing the headset.

However there are other methods to slightly improve the experience.

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How to project 4K displays in PSVR

The first model of the PSVR released in 2016 may be able to project 4K displays on the headset's screen.

You just need to connect your PSVR's processor unit to a PS4 Pro using an HDMI cable. A separate HDMI connection to your TV is also needed.

By doing so, you may now be able to display images or clips at 4K or 2160p on your PSVR headset.

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