Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 - which to buy?

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 - An image of the Quest Pro and Quest 3 headsets

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 - An image of the Quest Pro and Quest 3 headsets

While the Quest 3 emerged as the victor in the Meta Quest 2 vs Quest 3 showdown, the Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 debate brings forth an intriguing and more nuanced comparison.

The Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 3 are among the best VR headsets, making it tough for potential buyers to choose between them. However, by carefully examining their strengths and weaknesses, you can easily determine which headset best suits your needs.

This Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 comparison guide will steer you through the nuanced differences between these two headsets, helping you make an informed decision on which one aligns best with your preferences and budget.

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 - specs and key differences

The main differences between the Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro lie in resolution, refresh rate, processing power, and FOV.

Meta Quest Pro
Meta Quest 3
Dual LCD
Single LCD
1800 x 1920 pixels per eye
2064 x 2208 pixels per eye
Refresh Rate
106 degrees
90 degrees (rumoured)
Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+
More powerful chipset than Quest Pro
Depth Sensor
Battery Life
2-3 hours
2-3 hours
Starts at $1,000
Starts at $500

The Meta Quest Pro features a resolution of 1800 x 1920 pixels per eye and a 90Hz refresh rate, while the Meta Quest 3 offers a higher resolution of 2064 x 2208 pixels per eye coupled with an impressive 120Hz refresh rate.

The Meta Quest Pro runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ chipset, while the Meta Quest 3 is equipped with a "next-generation Snapdragon chipset" that boasts twice the power of the one in the Quest 2 and even surpasses the performance of the Quest Pro's chipset.

When it comes to displays, the Meta Quest Pro utilizes dual LCD displays, one for each eye, supporting local dimming and offering a wider field of view (FOV). In contrast, the Meta Quest 3 employs a single LCD display, resulting in a more limited FOV.

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 - tracking and controllers

In the domain of tracking and controllers, the Meta Quest Pro emerges as the clear winner.

The Meta Quest Pro supports eye-tracking and face-tracking. In contrast, the Quest 3 lacks these tracking features, thus missing out on capabilities like foveated rendering and the potential for more natural interaction within virtual reality experiences.

When it comes to controllers, both the Quest 3 and Quest Pro controllers look similar in appearance but differ in tracking. The Quest 3 controllers rely on the headset's cameras for tracking, whereas the Pro controllers are self-tracking, which is more precise.

It's worth noting that the Quest Pro's controller is compatible with the Quest 3, providing an option for those seeking more precise tracking through the Touch Pro controller, albeit at a substantial price of $300.

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 - Mixed Reality performance

The Meta Quest 3 outshines Meta Quest Pro in the realm of Mixed Reality.

The Meta Quest 3 boasts two high-resolution colour cameras and an integrated depth sensor (Pro lacks it) that enhances the precision of your play space representation. Also, the passthrough (seeing the real world while wearing the headset) in Quest 3 is much better.

The Quest Pro still provides excellent mixed reality and easy access to the presence platform. However, in Quest 3, there's a slight improvement in the presence platform, and it dramatically enhances the user experience and clarity of your surroundings.

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 - standalone gaming

When it comes to gaming, the Meta Quest 3 is generally considered better, according to the Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth.

The Quest 3 is designed for gaming and it packs more processing power and thermal capacity compared to the Quest Pro. This results in smoother graphics, faster load times, and prolonged gaming sessions without overheating.

However, in gaming scenarios where facial and eye movement play a crucial role, the Quest Pro's advanced face and eye tracking capabilities can be the differentiating feature that sets it apart and meets your specific needs.

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 - PC VR gaming

As it stands, the Meta Quest Pro appears to be the better choice for PC VR gaming.

Meta Quest 3 is rumoured to support AV1 encoding and/or higher encoding bitrates. If that's true, it could potentially deliver better video quality when streaming content from a PC for VR gaming with reduced latency.

As things currently stand, the Quest Pro appears to have advantages for PC VR gaming, including a wider field of view, a face-gasketless design, improved colours, deeper blacks, and more precise tracking.

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 - which to buy?

The decision ultimately hinges on your budget and specific needs.

The Quest Pro boasts impressive features like eye-tracking, face-tracking, and self-tracking controllers, along with superior colour accuracy and local-dimming displays, not to mention a wider field of view (FOV).

On the other hand, the Quest 3 offers a higher resolution and refresh rate, and a more powerful processor, all at a more budget-friendly price point. Additionally, the Quest 3 provides the most compelling mixed reality experience between the two options.

If your primary use for the VR headset is standalone gaming, the Quest 3 is an excellent choice. It performs admirably in this role, offers good value for money, and can also handle PC VR gaming, albeit not as effectively as the Quest Pro.

On the other hand, if your intention includes more PC VR gaming and immersive work experiences like virtual meetings, the Quest Pro is the preferred option. Its advanced eye and face-tracking features are tailor-made for VR meetings and professional applications.

And with that, we are wrapping up our Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3 comparison guide. If you are going for the Meta Quest 3, make sure you pre-order it as soon as possible.

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