Dive into VR with Meta Quest Pro: Now 12% OFF!

A black VR headset with a cushioned back sat on a charging dock.
Credit: Meta

A black VR headset with a cushioned back sat on a charging dock.
Credit: Meta

The Meta Quest Pro is a groundbreaking step forward in virtual reality, offering an immersive experience in work, creativity, and collaboration.

Currently, it's available for just $883.88 from Amazon, down from the original $999.99. This 12% discount makes it the perfect time to upgrade your VR setup to one of the best headsets around or dive into virtual reality for the first time. Here's why you should...

Meta Quest Pro product image of a black VR headset next to two black handheld controllers.
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Credit: Meta

Why should you buy the Meta Quest 2?

The Quest Pro System is not just great for gaming; it's a multi-functional device that allows you to multitask with multiple resizable screens, work on new ideas, or stay connected with friends in a virtual space. Its world-class ergonomics and sleek design ensure you can enjoy longer sessions in comfort too.

The Meta Quest Pro also introduces real-time natural avatar expressions, bringing your true personality into every meeting or virtual gathering. The Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers are worth mentioning as well, with self-tracking cameras and precision controls that translate your hand gestures and finger movements directly into VR.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own the Meta Quest Pro at a discounted price. Whether you're playing games, connecting with friends, or multitasking, the Quest Pro's powerful hardware, including 256GB storage, 12GB RAM, and advanced VR/MR sensors, will transform how you experience virtual reality.

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