Meta Quest 4, Quest 4 Lite, and Quest 4 Pro - what to expect?

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Meta Quest 4, Quest 4 Lite, and Quest 4 Pro - An image of the Meta Quest Pro headset
Credit: Meta

Recent reports on the Meta Quest 4 Pro suggest that Meta is likely to release three different models in the Quest 4 lineup, expectedly named Meta Quest 4, Quest 4 Lite, and Quest 4 Pro.

If these rumours hold true, prospective buyers can look forward to a trio of choices tailored to their budget and intended VR experiences. While having three options might seem potentially confusing, similar to the past Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest Pro dilemma, it actually offers more choice and flexibility.

While we don't have all the details on these upcoming headsets yet, we'll do our best to give you an idea of what to expect from the Meta Quest 4, Quest 4 Lite, and Quest 4 Pro.

Meta Quest 4 vs Quest 4 Lite vs Quest 4 Pro - potential features

The Meta Quest 4, positioned as the entry-level model in the Quest 4 series, is expected to be a pure VR headset, omitting mixed reality features like depth sensors and full-colour passthrough, while likely retaining the same processor as the standard Meta Quest 4.

The high-end Meta Quest 4 Pro is anticipated to sport micro-OLED display(s) as rumours suggest. This variant is likely to have a more powerful processor, higher resolution, increased RAM, enhanced comfort, and exclusive features such as facial and eye tracking.

The Meta Quest 4, positioned as the standard model, is expected to find a sweet spot between affordability and functionality, offering mixed reality features that the Lite version lacks, and likely boasting superior hardware specs than the Lite but but not quite reaching the level of the Pro model.

Please bear in mind that the specifications mentioned for the Meta Quest 4, Quest 4 Lite, and Quest 4 Pro are purely speculative and primarily sourced from rumours. So it's advisable to approach this information with a healthy dose of scepticism.

Meta Quest 4, Quest 4 Lite, Quest 4 Pro - predicted release date

Rumours suggest that the Quest 4 Pro is set to release in 2025. Drawing from the historical release patterns of Meta's previous headsets, we can expect the Meta Quest 4 Pro to be released in October 2025.


Although there is no specific speculation regarding the release dates of the Meta Quest 4 and Quest 4 Lite, it's logical to anticipate that they will launch concurrently with the Quest 4 Pro, which is currently predicted to debut in October 2025.

If this scenario doesn't play out, Meta could launch the Pro model in October 2025, followed by the standard Quest 4 and then the Quest 4 Lite, strategically offering fewer options for eager buyers to encourage them to opt for the higher-priced models.

And with that, we are wrapping up our guide on the Meta Quest 4, Quest 4 Lite, and Quest 4 Pro. We will update the article as new information emerges. In the meantime, have a look at the Meta Quest 3 Lite VR headset which is set to hit the market in 2024.

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