Meta Quest 3 Lite - things we know so far

An concept image of the Meta Quest 3 Lite
Credit: @XRCarlos88 on Twitter

An concept image of the Meta Quest 3 Lite
Credit: @XRCarlos88 on Twitter

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As we approach the Meta Quest 3 release date, the VR community is abuzz with news of a more affordable variant known as the Meta Quest 3 Lite.

The emergence of the Quest 3 Lite has added an extra layer of confusion for users who were already grappling with the decision of whether to buy the Meta Quest 2 or the Quest 3. So before you dive into a decision, let's quickly look at the Lite version.

While the details may be somewhat hazy, we'll do our best to paint a preliminary picture of what the Meta Quest 3 Lite might offer in terms of specs, features, and more.

Things we know about the Meta Quest 3 Lite so far

Mark Gurman, a highly regarded technology analyst known for the accuracy of his reports, provided insights into Meta’s upcoming VR/AR headsets, including the Meta Quest 3 Lite.

According to Gurman, the Meta Quest 3 Lite is a "cheaper mixed-reality headset that looks a lot like the Quest 3 but uses less costly components."

By opting for "less costly components," Meta may make trade-offs in areas such as optics, processor, display, resolution, or field of view (FOV) in order to achieve a more affordable price point.

To cut costs further, the Meta Quest 3 headset will release without any controllers. You would have to buy the controllers separately or operate the headset with hand gestures.

Meta intends to reposition the Quest 3 as a mid-tier offering with the launch of the Quest 3 Lite. Additionally, they are considering introducing a successor to the Quest Pro, potentially named the Meta Quest 4 Pro, at the premium end of their product lineup.

Meta Quest 3 Lite release date and price rumours

According to Mark Rabin, VP of VR at Meta, the company is planning to launch the Meta Quest 3 Lite in 2024. Given the release date patterns of previous Meta headsets, we can expect the Meta Quest 3 Lite to be released around October 2024.

The starting price of the Meta Quest 3 Lite is rumoured to be $200. However, Mark Gurman has mentioned Meta's inclination to set the price point closer to $300 to make mixed reality accessible to a wider audience.

And that covers everything we know about the Meta Quest 3 Lite. We will update the article as new information emerges. So the big question is: Should I wait for Meta Quest 3 Lite or buy Quest 3?

If you have decided to go for the standard Quest 3, make sure you pre-order your Meta Quest 3 now.

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