Meta Quest 3 FOV - what is the field of view?

Meta Quest 3 FOV - An image of the Quest 3 headset
Credit: Meta

Meta Quest 3 FOV - An image of the Quest 3 headset
Credit: Meta

One common question among the people who are planning to pre-order the Meta Quest 3 is: what is the field of view (FOV) in the Meta Quest 3?

field of view is one of the factors that can affect the overall quality and immersion of the VR experience. A broader FOV is generally considered more desirable, but the quality is also influenced by display resolution, lens quality, and graphics hardware.

In this article, we'll delve into the details of what you can expect from the FOV of the Meta Quest 3, shedding light on the immersive visual experience it promises to deliver.

What is the field of view (FOV) in Meta Quest 3?

The field of view (FOV) in Meta Quest 3 is 110 degrees horizontal and 96 degrees vertical, as per the information on the official website.

In fact, the Meta Quest 3 boasts the widest FOV among all Meta VR headsets. To put it in perspective, the Meta Quest 2 offers an FOV of 89 degrees, while the Meta Quest Pro boasts a 106-degree FOV.

Stepping beyond the Quest lineup, it's noteworthy that both the PSVR 2 and Apple Vision Pro match the FOV provided by the more affordable Quest 3. This levels the playing field when comparing the PSVR 2 vs Quest 3 and the Apple Vision Pro vs Quest 3.

What is the best FOV for a VR headset?

Given that the human eye has an approximate FOV of 135 degrees, the best FOV for a VR headset typically aims for a similar range.

Most VR headsets typically feature FOV ranges between 100-110 degrees. However, the closer a VR headset can match the field of view (FOV) of our naked eye, the more immersive and realistic the VR experience becomes.

And that covers everything we know about the field of view (FOV) in Meta Quest 3. While you are here, make sure you also check out the battery life and charge time of the Meta Quest 3 VR headset.

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