Meta Quest 3 extra storage - can you expand the storage?

Meta Quest 3 extra storage - An image of the Quest 3 headset
Credit: Meta

Meta Quest 3 extra storage - An image of the Quest 3 headset
Credit: Meta

For those considering the pre-order of the Meta's latest VR headset, a frequently pondered question revolves around the prospect of the Meta Quest 3 extra storage expansion.

The Meta Quest 3 starts at $499 for the 128GB version. It seems like the go-to pick for most of us. However, as appealing as that may be, it could end up as a regrettable choice if expanding your headset's storage isn't an option.

So is it possible to expand the storage of Meta Quest 3? Here, we will talk about the Meta Quest 3 extra storage, providing insights into whether you can upgrade the storage with an SSD or an SD card.

Can you expand the Meta Quest 3 storage?

No, you cannot expand the storage of your Meta Quest 3. There's no provision to install internal or external storage devices for memory upgrades.

So, if you were planning to save money by going for the 128GB version and then adding an external hard drive, that plan might not turn out how you expected. You will be stuck with the size you buy.

Meta Quest 3 - 128GB or 256GB?

For the majority of users, opting for the 128GB model usually covers their needs well. Insights from Quest 3 owners on Reddit indicate that 128GB is often sufficient due to the relatively small sizes of games.

Opting for the 128GB model leaves room for using the saved money to buy accessories such as the Oculus Link cable or Elite Battery Strap. Alternatively, you could invest in the best Quest 3 games.

You can install VR games on your PC and connect your Quest 3 headset to enjoy them. Alternatively, it's possible to delete games from your Quest 3 once you've completed playing, freeing up space for new titles.

Of course, if your budget allows, going for the higher storage models is a wise move. This choice will not only meet your immediate needs but also ensure your headset remains equipped for future demands.

How many games will the 128GB Meta Quest 3 be able to hold?

It depends on the size of the individual game.

The majority of Oculus games tend to fall within the size range of 1.5-2GB. To illustrate, Beat Saber occupies approximately 1.55GB, while Roblox takes up significantly less space, at just around 198.8MB.

However, some exceptions exist. Take, for instance, The Walking Dead franchise – Chapter 1 occupies over 7GB. Meanwhile, Resident Evil 4 demands nearly 9GB of space.

Given the typical size range of 1.5-2GB per game, the 128GB storage of Quest 3 should accommodate roughly 20-30 games.

Since the Meta Quest 3 works with Steam you can maximize the use of the available 128GB space by downloading larger games on your VR-ready PC and linking your Quest 3 to it for playing them.

And that covers everything about the Meta Quest 3 extra storage expansion. Make sure you check out the charge time, battery life and resolution of the Meta Quest 3 headset.

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