Meta Quest 2 straps – are they compatible with Meta Quest 3?

Meta Quest 2 straps

Meta Quest 2 straps

Are you looking to use your Meta Quest 2 straps with the Meta Quest 3? In this post, we’ll check to see if you will be able to save a bit of money on extra straps when making the upgrade to Meta’s newest VR headset.

Upgrading from the Meta Quest 2 to the Meta Quest 3 does come with some perks. For example, you will have access to the Quest 2’s library of games with backward compatibility.

But what about accessories like your Meta Quest 2 straps? Let’s find out if you can use your old straps on the Quest 3 or if you’ll need to buy new ones.

Are Meta Quest 2 straps compatible with Meta Quest 3?

No, official Meta Quest 2 straps are not compatible with the Meta Quest 3. This is mostly due to the Quest 3 having a slightly different design and shape when compared with the Quest 2.

One particular difference between the two headsets is the position of the USB-C port. The port on the Meta Quest 3 is placed in the middle of the pivot, meaning the head strap will obstruct the charging port’s accessibility.

To try the Quest 2’s strap work on the Meta Quest 3, you’ll need to drill a hole into it. But even then, that won’t guarantee that the strap will work on the newer headset. Also, obviously that will void your warranty, so in case of other problems that means you are not able to get assistance from Meta for your brand new VR headset. Not recommended.

Are third-party Meta Quest 2 straps compatible with Quest 3?

Most third-party straps for the Meta Quest 2 don’t look to be compatible with the Quest 3 for the same reasons. However, the BOBOVR M2 strap may be able to function on Meta’s newest headset.

That being said, we don’t recommend going out of your way to get a third-party Quest 2 strap for the Meta Quest 3. If you already have this strap then that’s great, but there should be plenty of other straps available that have the Quest 3’s design in mind.

And that’s it for Meta Quest 2 straps compatibility with the Meta Quest 3. While you’re here, you may also want to check out other Quest 2 accessories compatibility with the Quest 3 or our Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3 comparison.

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