Is Firewall Ultra on Meta Quest 3?

Is Firewall Ultra on Meta Quest 3 - A image of a team of six shooters holding guns
Credit: Sony

Is Firewall Ultra on Meta Quest 3 - A image of a team of six shooters holding guns
Credit: Sony

First Contact Entertainment's Firewall Ultra is set to launch on August 24, 2023. With this imminent release, many quest owners are wondering: Is Firewall Ultra on Meta Quest 3?

Firewall Ultra stands as the much-awaited sequel to its predecessor, Firewall Zero Hour. Building upon the foundations laid by its forerunner, Firewall Ultra promises to usher players into an even more immersive and electrifying virtual reality battlefield.

In this guide, we'll find out whether the game remains exclusively within the PSVR 2 games list or if it will also become accessible on the Meta Quest 3 headset.

Is Firewall Ultra on Meta Quest 3?

No, Firewall Ultra is not on Meta Quest 3, as the game is currently a PlayStation VR exclusive.

In other words, Firewall Ultra is designed and developed exclusively for PSVR 2 and cannot be played on other virtual reality platforms or headsets, such as the Meta Quest, HTC Vive, Valve Index, or other VR headsets.

Typically, exclusive titles are developed to leverage unique platform features, create selling points, cultivate user loyalty, and, most notably, set platforms apart from competitors, ultimately driving hardware sales.

The availability of exclusive titles can strongly influence the decision between PSVR 2 and Meta Quest 3, as these titles provide unique experiences that can sway users towards one platform over the other.

Games like Firewall Ultra on Meta Quest 3

We can understand your disappointment at not being able to play Firewall Ultra on your Meta Quest 3. Still, not all is lost. There are definitely a couple of team shooters that can fill the void left by Firewall on your Quest 3.

Onward, Contractors and Breachers are the popular team shooter games available for the Quest headsets. Notably, Contractors stands out as a haven for modders. The best Contractors mods allow you to create new maps, customize weapons, and more.

Pavlov Shack is another popular team shooter game that you can try on your Quest 3. However, it's worth noting that the game is currently in beta and is available through App Lab, which means it is still in ongoing development.

And with that, we are wrapping up our guide on Firewall Ultra on Meta Quest 3. Before you head out, make sure you check out the best Oculus games you can play on your beloved Meta Quest 3.

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