Is Beat Saber on Meta Quest 3?

Is Beat Saber on Meta Quest 3?

Is Beat Saber on Meta Quest 3?

In the minds of those considering the purchase or pre-order of the Meta Quest 3, a shared question reverberates: Is Beat Saber on Meta Quest 3?

With its reputation as one of the best Oculus games, Beat Saber is a title that entices everyone, inviting them to step into its rhythm-packed world and experience the thrill firsthand. But can you play it on Meta Quest 3?

In this guide, we'll uncover whether Beat Saber is on Meta Quest 3.

Is Beat Saber on Meta Quest 3?

Yes, Beat Saber is currently available to play on Meta Quest 3.

This VR rhythm game, renowned for its heart-pounding gameplay, is available for purchase on the Meta Quest store. For $29.99, you can get Beat Saber and immerse yourself in the electrifying art of slashing through musical challenges.

Given that the Meta Quest 3 boasts superior resolution, a more powerful chip, and overall enhanced specs compared to the Quest 2, the experience of Beat Saber on Quest 3 promises to be notably more immersive than its predecessor.

Does Meta Quest 3 come with Beat Saber?

While the Meta Quest 3 does come with games, at this point it is unclear whether Beat Saber will be on that list.

Last year, Beat Saber was included with the purchase of every Meta Quest 2 during the period between August 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022. Players were able to redeem Beat Saber upon activation of the headset.

The inclusion of a free copy of Beat Saber made the Meta Quest 2 an even more appealing proposition for gamers. This strategic move significantly contributed to the surge in 2022 holiday sales of the Quest 2 headsets.

Given the success of this approach, it's reasonable to assume we might witness a similar strategy from Meta this year too. We will get more clarity on this as we draw nearer to the release date of Meta Quest 3.

And that concludes our guide on whether Beat Saber is on Meta Quest 3. Be sure to explore our guides on the battery life and charge time of the Quest 3 headset.

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