How to charge the Meta Quest 3 controllers

Charge Meta Quest 3 controllers - An image of the Touch Pro controllers
Credit: Meta

If you've recently ordered the latest Quest headset or are already a proud owner, you may be eager to know how to charge your Meta Quest 3 controllers.

Much like the limited battery life of your Meta Quest 3 headset, your controllers also have a finite power source. It's essential to charge them whenever required to ensure an uninterrupted immersive experience. But how do you do that?

This guide will thoroughly explore the different charging options at your disposal for keeping your Meta Quest 3 controllers powered up, ensuring you're always ready to dive into the best Oculus games.

How to charge Meta Quest 3 controllers

To begin with, it's important to clarify that the Meta Quest 3 controllers come equipped with AA batteries, which, regrettably, cannot be recharged. However, you have the option to replace those non-rechargeable AA batteries with rechargeable ones.

To charge your Meta Quest 3 controllers, provided you've inserted rechargeable AA batteries in them, you have two choices: use a charging dock or opt for a third-party battery charger.

For anyone wondering, you cannot charge your Meta Quest 3 controllers via a USB cable, as you might do with the PSVR 2 controllers since these controllers do not have integrated batteries.

Charging Meta Quest 3 controllers with dock

The official Meta Quest 3 charging dock, capable of charging both your controllers and headset, is priced at $130. It comes with a set of dedicated rechargeable batteries designed for your Touch Pro controller.

To charge your Meta Quest 3 controllers using the dock, simply position them on the charging dock with the grip buttons facing upward and then turn on the power. You can find a detailed tutorial video here.

Charging Meta Quest 3 controllers' batteries with a battery charger

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly alternative and don't intend to invest $130 in a Meta Quest 3 accessory, consider opting for a third-party battery charger, such as the one offered by Panasonic, available at just $15.

To charge the batteries of your Meta Quest 3 controllers using a battery charger, follow these steps: Remove the batteries from the controllers, place them into the charger, and then connect the charger to a power source.

And that's how you charge the Meta Quest 3 controllers. Before you head off, check out our top picks of the best Meta Quest 3 mixed reality games.

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