Can you use Apple Vision Pro while driving?

An image of a lady use Apple Vision Pro while driving

An image of a lady use Apple Vision Pro while driving

The Apple Vision Pro is finally here. One question that frequently emerges among those intrigued by this advanced mixed-reality headset is: Can you use Apple Vision Pro while driving?

You may have come across videos of individuals driving while donning the Vision Pro headset. Additionally, you may have noticed the presence of a "Driving" mode within the device's settings. Given these observations, it's perfectly normal to question the practicality and legality of operating the Apple Vision Pro in a driving context.

This guide aims to comprehensively address whether the Apple Vision Pro can be used while driving, delving into user safety, legal implications, and the manufacturer's guidelines. While you are here, check out the FOV of the Apple Vision Pro.

Can you use Apple Vision Pro while driving?

No, you cannot use Apple Vision Pro while driving, regardless of whether the vehicle is self-driving or operated by a human. The official user guide explicitly advises against its use while operating a moving vehicle to ensure safety.

Moreover, using Apple Vision Pro while driving is illegal under laws that ban the use of electronic devices that impair the driver’s ability to drive safely. Therefore, engaging in such behaviour subjects the individual to potential legal penalties.

Furthermore, the Vision Pro is a VR headset, not AR. This means that it displays the real world around you by capturing it through its camera. So if the battery dies or it crashes, you'll see nothing but a black screen, cutting off the real-world view.

The sudden loss of visual input can cause disorientation, potentially resulting in accidents or severe injuries, affecting not only the user but also other motorists and pedestrians. Therefore, do not use Apple Vision Pro while driving.

Not only the Apple Vision Pro, but also engaging in activities like texting, making calls without a hands-free setup, and using video screens not directly related to driving, is highly unsafe and should be strictly avoided.

That covers everything on the possibility of using the Apple Vision Pro while driving. Before you head off, make sure you explore our other Apple Vision Pro guides, including the ones on its refresh rate and battery life.

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