Can you see through the Apple Vision Pro?

Can you see through the Apple Vision Pro? - An image of a person wearing an Apple Vision Pro

Ever since the first image of a person using the Apple Vision Pro was released, one question has lingered in the minds of many interested in the headset: Can you see through the Apple Vision Pro?

In those images, the eyes of the person using the Apple Vision Pro were distinctly visible, and from the wearer's perspective, it appeared possible to see and interact with real-world objects. Given these observations, it's entirely reasonable to wonder whether the headset offers a true "see-through" capability.

But is that truly the case? In this guide, we will delve into the mechanics and technology behind the Apple Vision Pro to uncover whether its design allows for genuine see-through functionality.

Can you see through the Apple Vision Pro?

No, you cannot see through the Apple Vision Pro in the literal sense of direct vision. The VR headset uses cameras to digitally capture and display the real world to the wearer through a pass-through mechanism, creating a mixed-reality experience.

For an outsider, it may seem like the person wearing the Apple Vision Pro can see through the device, but in reality, it is just cameras inside the headset capturing and showing the wearer's eyes on the external display to maintain a sense of connection.

Consider it like using a smartphone to capture a video. When you wear a device like the Apple Vision Pro, it's akin to holding your smartphone up and looking at its screen to see what the camera sees, instead of looking past the phone at the real scene.

You don't see the environment directly; you see a digital version of it on the screen through the camera, which is exactly how the headset works, but with the screens placed right in front of your eyes for an immersive experience.

In summary, while the Apple Vision Pro might give the impression of being transparent, you cannot directly see through it. It employs advanced technological innovations to create the illusion that you are viewing the real world directly.

With that, we are concluding our little explainer. We hope this explanation has clarified how the device creates an illusion of transparency. Before you head off, explore our other Apple Vision Pro guides, including its waterproof capabilities.

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