Can you connect Quest 3 to PS5?

Can you connect Quest 3 to PS5

Can you connect Quest 3 to PS5

Wondering if you can connect Quest 3 to PS5? With Meta’s newest VR headset coming soon, many are curious about the different devices you can use it with.

Some games like Blade and Sorcery can be played directly on the headset, while others like Phasmophobia require you to connect the Meta Quest to your PC.

But what about your favorite PlayStation 5 games? Let’s see if you can connect the Quest 3 to PS5 for more virtual reality gaming.

Can you connect Quest 3 to PS5?

No, the Quest 3 is not compatible with the PS5 so you won’t be able to connect the headset directly to the gaming console. However, there is a workaround to get the Quest hooked up to a PS5.

To make this connection work, you’ll need a PC and a couple of apps downloaded onto your devices. While we can’t confirm if this method works on the Quest 3 just yet, it is known to work with the Quest 2.

Using this workaround has its limits and you could experience some latency in gameplay. The lag may not be noticeable in some titles, but it could be game-breaking in others.

How to Connect Quest 3 to PS5

To connect the Quest 3 to PS5, you’ll need to install Virtual Desktop onto your headset and the PS Remote Play app on your PC. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get this set up.

  • From your PS5 Home screen, open up your Settings.
  • In Settings, go to System then open Remote Play
  • From there, make sure the Enable Remote Play option is ticked on.
  • Go to your PC and sign in to PSN on the PS Remote Play app.
  • Click on Confirm and Continue, then select your console to proceed.
  • Click on OK and the PC will start searching for the PS5.
  • Put on your Quest headset and open the Virtual Desktop app.
  • Once your desktop is being displayed, click on the PS Remote Play app.

You should now be able to see your PS5’s screen being displayed on your headset. Take note that connecting your Quest 3 this way doesn’t allow for any actual VR gameplay and that you still need to use your PS5 controller to play.

The PlayStation 5 is capable of playing virtual reality games, but Sony has their own VR headset for the PS5 in the form of the PSVR 2. You’re better off getting the Sony-made headset if you are looking to experience virtual reality exclusively for PS5 games.

So that’s all for connecting the Quest 3 to PS5. For more on the VR headset from Meta, check out how to cast it to a TV and how to connect your AirPods to it.

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