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xreal air 2 ultra black glasses close up on white background
Credit: XReal

xreal air 2 ultra black glasses close up on white background
Credit: XReal

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VR and AR technology have come a long way and seem to be the new frontier that tech giants like Meta and Apple are competing over. The heavy goggle designs of the Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro have become synonymous with our current image of AR and VR. However, the XReal Air 2 Ultra is another impressive piece of technology that has flown under the radar.

The XReal Air 2 Ultra provides you with many of the perks of modern VR headsets but in a more lightweight and minimalist fashion that's more digestible. Not everyone wants to walk around wearing heavy goggles all the time. The XReal Air 2 Ultra has surpassed its predecessors in every way possible, and our goal today is to cover everything it has to offer.

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What is the XReal Air 2 Ultra?

The XReal Air 2 Ultra is the latest design for XReal's AR glasses. Unlike VR, these AR glasses are meant to be a lightweight and cheaper alternative that competes with the likes of the Apple Vision Pro.

For a simple breakdown of what you can currently do with them, the XReal Air 2 Ultra allows you to stream your mobile, console, and desktop screens to fixed and dynamic positions within the field of view of the glasses. They're essentially wearable displays which are much less bulky than VR headsets.

three people wearing XRearl Air 2 Ultra AR glasses
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Another primary feature that the developers are highlighting is spatial computing. This is thanks to the new mounted cameras that track and enable six degrees of freedom, allowing the glasses to track your position and movements within a 3D space. You can walk around and use features such as hand tracking in a 3D AR space. There's a lot of potential for this feature depending on how the apps on the platform develop.

Speaking of which, XReal is currently marketing the XReal Air 2 Ultra as "designed for AR developer partners". This is likely due to the fact that the success of these glasses depends on the types of apps that are developed for them. XReal will also be launching its NRSDK 2.2, which will give developers access to AI features, hand tracking, spatial anchors, depth meshes, and more.

Reportedly, during the third quarter of 2023, XReal shipped 350,000 AR glasses, with a 51% global market share. Since then, they've received a lot of customer feedback, and if the current state of reviews is to be believed, then the XReal Air 2 Ultra addresses a majority of our concerns.

XReal Air 2 Ultra release date

The XReal Air 2 Ultra is currently available for purchase, but it's for pre-order. Shipping will not start till the end of March for their official US Shop. Furthermore, shipping in the UK and EU will not start till April 15. The XReak Air 2 Ultra will be available in the US, UK, EU, and certain parts of Asia on launch.

XReal Air 2 Ultra price

On their official store pages, the XReal Air 2 Ultra is available in three different regions:

  • US - US$699.00
  • UK - £699.00
  • EU - €799.00

The following items will be included in the package:

  • Air 2 Ultra
  • USB-C cable
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Protective case
  • User manual
  • Nose pad (S/M/L)

XReal Air 2 Ultra specs

We'll give a simple breakdown of the XReal Air 2 Ultra specs here.

Display Type
Micro OLED panel from SONY
2 pairs of built-in speakers and microphones Directional Audio for privacy
1080p per lens
148mm × 51.4mm × 161mm (in use) 56.4mm × 51.4mm × 56.4mm (stored)
Viewing Angle
Refresh Rate
120hz in 2D 90hz in 3D
Peak Brightness
Brightness: Up to 500 nits (2D mode 30-500 nit, 3D mode 20-250 nit)
Any device with a USB-C video output
Requires wired connection
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The XReal Air 2 Ultra requires a wired connection with a compatible device to run as it is a display accessory rather than a computer. Furthermore, the viewing angles have been upgraded, and you can expect crisp and smooth displays with the 120 HZ 1080p Micro OLED technology.

The device has a very lightweight 80g frame that feels premium due to the use of titanium. Lastly, the 500 nits brightness means you can take it outdoors if you'd like without standing out too much.

XReal Air 2 Ultra compatibility

They've listed compatibility with the following devices with Type-C video output:

  • Windows
  • MacBook
  • Android Devices
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Steam Deck
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox
  • XReal Beam (3DoF)

For developers, they've recommended the following devices:

  • Samsung S22
  • Samsung S23
  • An XReal custom computing unit

XReal Air 2 Ultra Features

Here are some other features of the XReal Air 2 Ultra that should be noted.

  • Indicator light for active, warning, and sleeping status.
  • Flexible arms to accommodate heads of all sizes
  • Three position temple adjustments
  • Zero-pressure Nose Pad (S/M/L)
  • Detachable prescription lens frame (Air 2 ultra is not compatible with Air and Air 2 prescription lens frames)
  • Multi-functional key
    • Single click to switch between three dimming levels
    • Double-click to turn on/off the display
  • Up/Down button

That's all we know about the XReal Air 2 Ultra for now. You can also check out our list of the best Apple Vision Pro alternatives.

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