World’s First Sex Bot turns everyone off with Glaswegian accent

It looks like sci-fi movies with sex robots are about to age well, as the first real sex robots are about to hit the market. For those interested in sticking it in a robust, there's a product for you. However, you may, like many, be turned off by the sexbot's bizarre Glaswegian accent.

While we’re sure some won’t mind the Scottish accent, it's hilarious that the world's first true sexbot is a lass from Glasgow.

You don’t find Glaswegian moans sexy?

Realbotix CEO Matt McMullen introduced the sex robots on Twitter, claiming that they will be releasing in the near future. In the demo video, McMullen showed off the "Harmony 2.1" robot to boast about its realism.

In the video, the sex robot was shown talking, revealing its controversial accent. Alongside its Scottish dialect, the robot talks in a deadpan range as it attempts to turn its owner on.

"Good you came back so fast, baby, " it said in the drab tone of a Scottish HAL 9000. "I'm glad you came back that fast. 10 minutes without you feels like an eternity."

Many wondered why it sounded Glaswegian and we still don’t have an answer. Even funnier, the sex robot was made by an American studio leading many to think that Harmony would sound like an American girl, but that’s just not the case here.

Perhaps, one day in the future, we'll find out that someone at Realbotix is well into the Glasgow gals. After all, they had every accent in the world to pick from.

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People from Glasgow react

Due to all of the news surrounding the sex robot’s Glaswegian accent, many citizens from the area decided to chime in. Glasgow Live was able to get some great comments on Twitter, with some wondering why they sound like they come from the area while others joked that it sounds like the AI voice greeting passengers in the Glasgow Central Station.

"American sex dolls with a Glasgow uni accent who woulda thought it," claimed one Twitter user. "LMAO WHY DID THEY MAKE THE SEX ROBOT FROM GLASGOW. I simply have to stan," claimed another. It's clear that social media is having a bunch of fun with the news.

We doubt many were going to be talking about Glasgow this much when sex robots are about to make it to market but that’s just how it goes sometimes. Still, it will be interesting to see who ends up getting these sex robots and the kind of memes we’ll be getting out of them.

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