Why It Is Necessary To Implement Self Excluded Scheme For PC Games

Self Excluded Scheme For PC Games

Self Excluded Scheme For PC Games

Did you know that a lot of PC games have casino or casino game elements? For instance, you have a casino in GTA online. Gambling is available in Sims, Watch Dogs, and many other games. As such, we believe that implementing GamStop that will help protect gamers is mandatory. The ability to gamble in PC games with loot boxes or other built-in forms of entertainment may seem appealing, but it should be regulated and controlled. GamStop is the best method for doing so.

Does Gambling In Games Lead to Real Money Gaming

The shortest answer here is yes. Playing PC games that have gambling elements can make people want to play real money casino games. They will realize that this is a fun activity and something they should do when they can. They will have fun playing PC games that have gambling elements and even deduce that this is normal and harmless.

The same thing applies to loot boxes, social casinos, and many other elements that have more in common with online casinos than PC games. All of these games and features have one thing in common. They are more related to gambling than to anything else. These are games or features that are based on chances. Players cannot affect their chances!

The issue we have here is so important and can be so problematic that PC game developers started to remove or pause loot boxes and similar elements. Many regulators and governments all over the world are looking for a way to either remove or control gambling elements in PC games.

Is It Possible To Implement GamStop Scheme in Computer Games

Yes, this is possible and honestly, should be implemented as soon as possible. GamStop currently works with UKGC and casino games only. But, adding support for PC games is easier than we believe.

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According to research provided by NonGamstopSlots about casinos that aren't on GamStop or any other self-exclusion scheme, the main issue here is the necessity of cooperation with game developers. Major companies would need to link their games (that have gambling elements) to GamStop. At the same time, we can see that GamStop would have to be linked with websites where gamers can play these games.

Once all of this is done, when a gamer or gambler creates an account at GamStop, the platform will ban PC games that have gambling mini-games, elements, or anything we have discussed above. In that case scenario, the scheme would be extremely effective and appealing. It would remain free but effective!

How Implementation Of GamStop Will Affect On Gameplay

There are two ways in which GamStop can be linked to online gaming and gambling. The first method here is simpler and more effective for some people. The goal would be to completely limit access to games that have gambling elements built in. For instance, gamers would be banned from playing GTA online where they can access the casino.

A more appealing and better method would be more complicated but still desirable. It would be possible to make playing PC games possible but playing gambling elements is not limited. For instance, you could play GTA online but you won’t be able to play at the GTA casino! In other cases, players would be able to play for a limited amount of time or with the money they have in the account only. They won’t be able to deposit funds or anything like that.

The methods we have here would be effective and work well. But, it will depend on the connection between GamStop and the developers. Maybe some developers would accept the second method here only. Others would accept the first one. Perhaps some will even find a third method that would work better for a specific case.

One thing we would like to add is that if this type of cooperation becomes a reality, gamers should be banned from the ability to use loot boxes and play at social casinos. These two elements are even more problematic than anything else. If we know that more and more PC games have gambling elements, adding this ban or security feature is more than just important. We can say that it is necessary.


Gambling is not something that is present in online casinos only. It is something that is present in PC games as well. For now, GamStop covers casinos only and it is time to make it more effective and start working on PC games as well. In what form should the self-exclusion program be implemented in games it is still a big question. But the end goal is clear when a player suffers from gambling addiction, he shouldn't be able to gamble in built-in mini-games!

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