Save a huge 45% on this awesome soundbar with subwoofer

A long black subwoofer on a brown stand sat below a wall-mounted TV.

There's no denying the effect a good soundbar can have on even the best TVs. We all tend to go towards shiny visuals and big pictures, and while a lot of these TVs have good speakers built-in, a sound system is nearly always an upgrade, and this one just so happens to be 45% off.

The Ultimea 4.1 soundbar with subwoofer is down to just $99.90 thanks to a 42% discount combined with a further $10 clip coupon you have to apply as you add it to your cart. Aside from sounding like a Final Fantasy 8 boss, this sound system is actually very solid.

A long black soundbar with a remote in front of it as well as two speakers and a subwoofer behind it.
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This soundbar setup has a detachable design to allow you to better position it in your room for a more fulfilling soundscape, such as splitting the soundbar in two and placing it on either side of your TV. It also has a wired subwoofer, which helps it up the bass and to generally deliver better highs and lows as well.

Adding to that, it has three EQ modes that allow you to quickly rebalance your audio experience to better suit music, movies, and games. These are built-in specifically for those purposes, making things easy to change up if you're in a busy household where things like kids, roommates, or cats can all cause distraction.

All-in-all, it's a very good soundbar that comes with enough bonuses to make it worth it at full price, let alone when you can save so much money on it too. So, make sure you act quickly if you want to help keep your January going with a little more flair.

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