Top Realistic Video Game Casinos for GamStop Users

Game Casinos for GamStop Users

Game Casinos for GamStop Users

Online casino games are so popular among GamStop players that, in addition to cinema, gambling can be found in modern video games. In addition to popular casino game titles, gamers both on and off self-exclusion can enjoy poker, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games right inside a video game, as well as make use of other in-game incentives just like in real-life NonStop casinos without GamStop. We have collected the 5 best video games that provide a realistic casino experience for GamStop users.

The Best Games With Realistic Virtual Casino Experiences

Finding interesting casino games is quite easy. Various CCG games are not so enjoyable in gambling because they lack the atmosphere and pleasure from the ringing of chips, the rustle of cards, and the joy of a large jackpot. Moreover, the in-game casinos are entirely safe and accessible to GamStop users; they only need the game currency, which can be real money or caps.

GTA V Online – Diamond Casino

Another project from RockStar is still on the top charts of popular computer games—the game's plot going on in the modern world familiar to us. Therefore, you can play card games not in bars or restaurants, as in Red Dead Redemption 2, but in a full-fledged casino.

One of the main advantages of gambling in GTA V is the large number of games and other activities available at Diamond Casino. Slots, horse racing bets, and roulette have been added to the classic table and card games, so gamers who do not know where to spend all the money earned on missions can try their luck at the GTA V casino.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Saint Denis Casino

The sensational project from the Rock Star company caused a lot of hype around itself because many gamers were waiting for this game. The realism and canonicity of the Western in Red Dead Redemption 2 allow you to feel the time of cowboys, bank robberies, and other charms of the US's most conservative States: Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.

The developers have devoted a lot of time to casino-related mini-games in which players can win big money. In Red Dead Redemption 2, gamers can try their hand at poker, blackjack, dominoes, or try to master a knife in morra. Some story missions are related to these games, and in addition to the story, you can look at Saint-Denis Casino, located in the largest and most modern city.

Fallout: New Vegas – Atomic Wrangler

The Fallout series from Bethesda Softworks is another iconic project in the publisher's collection. But only in Fallout: New Vegas can gamers enjoy the real atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic casino and gambling. In fact, the kind of thrill offered by Atomic Wrangler is one of the main reasons why GamStop users play video games, this one included. According to the plot, the world is post-apocalyptic after a nuclear explosion that demolished most cities and buildings worldwide. But still, there is one city that no one has forgotten about - Las Vegas.

Your experience in this city will be different from what you get in Vegas now because, in the game, New Vegas is no longer as bright and cheerful. But still, you can play table games or spin what is left of the slot machines in Atomic Wrangler Casino. Soda caps are used as currency, so if you want to play Fallout: New Vegas casinos, don't waste them to get the opportunity to enjoy big winnings.

Dead Rising 2 - Fortune City

Dead Rising 2 takes place in the resort town of Fortuna five years after the zombie incident. A typical zombie slasher that catches on with its simple plot and interesting characters. The game's main setting is located in one of the large complexes, inside which you can find a spa, shops, restaurants, and, of course, a casino.

The zombie apocalypse is taking place in Dead Rising, and it will not be possible to fully and comfortably play in the casino. The only option for a gambling experience is dozens of slot machines and Catch Money boxes, which are inside the casino. Finally, you can try to ride a bull and hold out for a certain time. Otherwise, zombie croupiers or dealers cannot yet provide the full range of services in the game.

Final Fantasy XIV - Manderville Gold Saucer

Do you love gambling or just want to have fun? Then you need to visit the Manderville Gold Saucer casino. The Manderville Gold Saucer Casino is an amusement theme park in Final Fantasy XIV with many interesting activities and mini-games. There are a lot of attractions there, but still, GamStop gamblers are interested in familiar casino games.

The main games are Mini-Cactpot and Jumbo Cactpot - lotteries with scratch tickets. Their essence is simple: you buy lottery tickets and mark numbers on them. Each ticket has a field in the form of a 3x3 grid. Each cell contains numbers (from 1 to 9), and one is already open.


In truth, the list could be continued for several more titles, like the Far Cry series, but we focused on those games in which the casino is as identical as possible to the real ones. Anyway, knowing how to choose enjoyable video games with casinos in them, GamStop customers can play their favourite casino games without any restrictions and save-load over and over in case of losses.

In our opinion, the presented games are an excellent alternative for gamblers who want to play and feel the gambling experience again but, for some reason, cannot do it.

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