Tesla Bot prototype to be unveiled on September 30th instead of cheap cosplays

Elon Musk’s Tesla is already hyping up its upcoming event: Tesla AI Day. However, the infamous CEO has announced that the technological showcase is delayed from its original August 19, 2022 date in favour of September 30th instead. The reason for this delay? To show off the first Tesla Bot prototype.

The Tesla Bot Optimus prototype

Optimus, clearly inspired by the Transformers Autobot of the same name, seems to be the centerpiece of the event. The commercial human-sized robot will reportedly help people out with various chores and hurdles.

"I was surprised that people do not realize the magnitude of the Optimus robot program,” Musk told CNBC. “Those who are insightful or who listen carefully will understand that Optimus ultimately will be worth more than the car business and worth more than full self-driving. That's my firm belief."

In the original reveal of Tesla Bot at last year's AI Day, there was no prototype to speak of. Instead, CEO Elon Musk decided to hire cosplayers to walk around in robotic-looking latex suits. It was awkward and hilarious, and we were personally hoping for more cringy cosplay this years.

Hopefully, Tesla can get the actual prototype working by September 30 in order to avoid embarrassment. It’s a big day for Musk and Tesla so fans of these two should keep their eyes peeled on the event.

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Tesla AI Day delayed

Musk confirmed on Twitter that Tesla AI Day will now be moved to September 30 since the Optimus Prototype might be ready for public display. This means we’ll get some impressive technology instead of some cheap cosplays to get people interested, so that’s always a good thing.

Tesla AI Day is usually when the company tries to lure in more AI researchers to help them improve their own tech. Expect more of the same when the event comes out, especially if the Optimus is ready to roll out by then. If not, we’re sure Tesla has more tech to show off that should impress some aspiring tech wizards out there.

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