Should I Update to iOS 17.5?

An image of the logo of iOS 17.5 - should I update to
Credit: Apple

An image of the logo of iOS 17.5 - should I update to
Credit: Apple

The much-anticipated iOS 17.5 update for iPhone has arrived. However, with the history of iOS updates sometimes leading to issues, a crucial question arises: Should I update to iOS 17.5?

Updating your OS to its latest version is generally recommended for the latest features and security enhancements. However, when it comes to iPhones, the decision isn't always straightforward since it's not uncommon for new iOS updates to introduce problems, such as battery-draining issues and screens turning completely white or green.

This guide will reveal if there are any concerning issues with the new iOS 17.5 update, helping you make an informed decision about upgrading your iPhone. But, before that, you might be interested in checking out the best iOS games and the best iOS PSP emulators.

Should I Update to iOS 17.5?

You should update your iPhone to iOS 17.5 as it addresses 15 security vulnerabilities, some of which are critical. Additionally, this update includes bug fixes that enhance the overall performance of your device.

It's worth noting that @iosnewsandmore on Twitter reported a slight improvement in battery life and performance with the iOS 17.5 update compared to iOS 17.4.1.

However, if you're concerned about potential performance and battery drain issues, it's advisable to wait a week or two. During this time, you can research to see if other users have reported any issues after updating.

We recommend checking platforms like Twitter and Reddit for user reports of any issues specific to your iPhone model following the iOS 17.5 update.

iOS 17.5 Update Issues

After conducting research on Reddit and Twitter for user feedback on the iOS 17.5 update, we've found no significant issues reported so far. However, it's still early, and more time is needed to fully evaluate the update and identify any potential issues.

iOS 17.5 Features

Unlike previous updates like iOS 17.3 or 17.4, iOS 17.5 does not introduce any major new features. It is a minor update in terms of features but a significant one in terms of security enhancements.

Here is a list of features in iOS 17.5:

  • Offline mode in Apple News+
  • Quartiles, a daily word game, in Apple News+
  • Scoreboard in News+ Puzzles gives you access to new player data for Crossword, Mini Crossword and Quartiles, including stats and streaks
  • Cross-platform tracking Detection delivers notifications to users if a compatible Bluetooth tracker they do not own is moving with them.
  • New wallpapers

And that covers everything about updating to iOS 17.5. As we've discussed, it's highly advisable to update to iOS 17.5. While you are here, check out the best apps for iPhone and the best cases for iPhone 15.

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