Huge discount on the Samsung HW-S50B/ZA soundbar

A long black rectuangular soundbar with curved ends sat on a wooden stand.
Credit: Samsung

A long black rectuangular soundbar with curved ends sat on a wooden stand.
Credit: Samsung

If you've ever watched a movie at home and felt like the audio coming from your TV needs a bit more oomph, then investing in a soundbar might just be your answer. Luckily for you, one of the best soundbars around in the Samsung HW-S50B/ZA is currently on sale, making it a great time to take the leap and upgrade your home entertainment system.

In fact, the Samsung HW-S50B/ZA has had its price slashed by a huge 40%, which means it costs just $147.99 right now. In our opinion, that makes it one of the best soundbar deals out there, all things considered, and a great investment when you factor in just how powerful this sound system is...

Samsung HW-S50B/ZA product image of a long black rectangular soundbar with curved edges.
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Credit: Samsung

The Samsung HW-S50B/ZA is an all-in-one powerhouse that can deliver immersive surround sound thanks to Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Virtual: X technology, easy-to-hear dialogue with its built-in centre speaker dedicated to enhancing speech, and a music mode that allows for studio-grade clarity each and every note.

It's worth noting too that you can connect two smart devices at the same time to it via Bluetooth, making the ultimate sound system for streaming from your phone, watch, or any other smart tech you have lying around.

All of this greatness for just $147.99 seems like a bit of a bargain to us. So, if the Samsung HW-S50B/ZA is ticking all the right boxes for you, don't delay capitalising on this great deal as there's no knowing how long it's sticking around.

If you're a fan of Samsung, why not check out some of the brand's other great deals while you're here? Make sure you check back in with us too, as we'll be bringing you more one-off deals soon.

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