Samsung Galaxy S21 release date LEAKED? Here's everything we know about its price, specs, features and more

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This year has seen new releases of phones, tablets and smart watches be thrown into limbo due to the pandemic, but Samsung have seen new products launch, albeit in limited stock, throughout 2020.

The Galaxy S20 in March and the Galaxy Note 20 in August, alongside the Galaxy Buds for each were both lauded for their better cameras, HDR10+ in the screen and much better charging capabilities for their batteries.

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However, as we close out the year, rumours are already rumbling due to the next Galaxy phone, whether if its going to be called the S21 or the S30.

With that, let’s look into what the next phone could bring when it launches early next year.


The S20 line touted its screen at being 120Hz display, which is something bizarrely seen as a big need for content creators out there. It’s rumoured that Samsung want to increase this further, bringing it to 150Hz.

There will most likely be three models again:

  • S21
  • S21 Plus
  • S21 Ultra

Each differentiated by their camera specs and display sizes.

With the cameras, it’s rumoured that Samsung want to finally bring an ‘under-display’ front-camera to these phones, as the technology is now deemed possible.

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With the S20 retailing around £749.99, the Plus at £899.99 and the Ultra at £999.99, expect the same prices to apply to the S20 line here, in order to directly complete with Apple’s iPhone 12 line.

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Release Date

It’s rumoured that the S21 will launch much earlier than usual; in January next year. This would make it the shortest time of Galaxy ‘S’ models ever. In under a year, the S20 would be made irrelevant.

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